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Israel and Mubarak; still BFF

Following up on yesterday’s tantalizing suggestion from Al Jazeera that Israel might take in Mubarak, now here’s a story from Haaretz saying that Israel is urging the world to cool down the anti- Mubarak criticism. I can understand why Israel would be happier with Mubarak in power – it’s  preferable to Mubarak out of power. As commenter Alan noted a few days ago, Mubarak has contained the radicals in that country.

But the premise of the story just doesn’t ring true:  Israel can see the writing on the wall. They can’t possibly believe that toning down the rhetoric is going to keep Mubarak in charge. So it’s something else. Are they still planning to take him in?

UPDATE: Just listening to Richard Engle, one of the few reporters I trust. He’s saying a compromise is possible. He says it could be the Army taking over and pushing Mubarak out. And thru it all, the Brotherhood is gaining ground. It was Engle who said two days ago that theirs was not a big presence; he says it’s changing. He adds that if the wealthy start fleeing en masse, he thinks the Army will move in and take charge. They could rule for a while and hold elections or they could simply allow space for a government to step in. It is SO up in the air. He also says Brotherhood may be talking to the Army about being a reasonable player in this. So dynamic.

He adds “Whoever controls the mosques, the unions, the people who clean the streets – that is the grassroots and that is the place to watch.”

It’s a good morning says Haaretz

Repbulicans in congress and the media have been thundering against Obama’s policies toward Israel and blame him for a cooling of the formal relationship. The same claims are being flung around by the Likkud party in Israel, neo-cons to the bone.

Guess who believes differently? According to a poll out today by Haaretz  “56 percent questioned said they don’t believe politicians who call Obama anti-Semitic or hostile to Israel, or who say he is “striving to topple Netanyahu.”

“On the whole, Obama’s popularity may be declining in American public opinion, but a sweeping majority of Israelis think his treatment of this country is friendly and fair.”

Someone tell Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. And maybe Neil Cavuto and Mitch McConnell. And Eric Cantor. (And Rush. Don’t forget that giant of foreign policy wisdom.)

And while giving them that news, perhaps we could also remind them that today is the 161st day of the ninth year of the War in Afghanistan.

UPDATE: Laura Rosen at Politico fleshes out this story. The Haaretz poll isn’t the only one showing considerable distrust of Netanyahu.