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Special Edition! We wrapped it in pretty paper this time! Sorta!

ABC’s This Week with Christiane Amanpour and CNN’s GPS told me this morning that their shows were ‘Special Editions’ despite featuring the regular host at the regular time covering, as is the norm, the top story of the day which has in fact been top of the news since it was the top story last Sunday.

Special Edition indeed.

On Meet the Press’s own ‘Special Edition’ (yes, they did call it that), they also  covered the RR 100th birthday.

Who sends out the memo?

Pet peeve update:  CNN is still saying ‘impactful’ all the time; I don’t care if it’s a real word, it’s annoying the hell out of me.

UPDATE: CBS 60 Minutes is now on the air. It is a ‘Special Edition’, at the usual time with the usual hosts as we’ve now come to expect from anything carrying the name ‘Special Edition.‘ (This post suggests I’ve been monitoring TV all day – I haven’t. (

Ends at 2pm; whoops, sorry. Ends at 1:47pm

CNN Sunday – Fareed Zacharia’s show GPS; 1pm to 2pm. Always a great show. Today – probably been this way all along, but I hadn’t paid such close attention before – it effectively was over at 1:47pm. From that point, in between the commercials (at least 20), CNN gave us a 30-second ‘top news’ segment: there’s oil in gulf and some bandit doesn’t wear shoes. At 1:54pm, they brought Zacharia back for 60-seconds to do the requisite podcast, twitter part. And now at 1:55 we are back to the commercials. I believe there will be one more 30-second segment coming in which Zacharia will recommend a book and tell us he hopes we have a great week and to come back next Sunday, on which day his show will no doubt end at 1:46pm.

News I Pay For. Not.

UPDATE: No book. 15 second segment only and it seems soccer is good. And now back to regualr CNN news: there’s oil in gulf and some bandit is barefoot.