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Planetary jam: Google honors Les Paul

In the car yesterday I half heard a story on NPR that mentioned Les Paul, the father of the electric guitar and multi-track recording. Then Bill brought this to my attention this morning.

Google’s logo yesterday was actually an interactive electric guitar – you can still go to Google and try your hand at playing it. Have fun – I did.

Given that, today’s oldie has to be Les Paul and Mary Ford. This is from 1953 and the guy introducing them is Robert Trout, later one of CBS News’ early anchors. Trout was one of “Murrow’s Boys”, the band of WWII radio reporters gathered after the war by Edward R. Murrow to work at CBS.

Da blog haz a hunger. I feedz it!

Over at Notes from Rumbly Cottage, the Answer Lady has thoughtfully provided a photo of a brick wall – for those who found themselves at her site in their search for such an image.  This oddity sent me to my own site stats to see what might cause Google and Bing to direct people here.

Turns out it’s Scalia. Justice Antonin Scalia of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS for those of us ‘in the know’). Those search engines scoop me right up with the other droppings, even though I’ve no memory of using a Scalia picture, but Google knows what Google knows, so we may assume that in fact I did. We may also assume that I had a darn good reason!

That long-forgotten posting may even have featured the photo above. I just found it via Google – at yet another blog – which may have actually gotten it here – via a Google search – and maybe I posted it the first time after finding it on another blog via Google . . . I think we need a word for this disturbing and all too common process.

So allow me to take the self-serving lesson and throw some feed to my site stats.  If one Justice is good, nine are better.

Bonus oldie on Thursday

Been out all the live-long day and am just now catching up. Since I forgot last week’s oldie (my glorious if brief career as a merchant intruded dontchaknow) and to celebrate that I got back on youtube through my google account (favorites, subscriptions etc all missing), here is a gem from the dimming days of the last century.

A Good Thing: Right up there with WalMart going organic

James Fallows, a fine reporter and writer if there ever was one, has a fascinating story today “How to Save the News” and it seems Google is a big part of the solution. It’s here. From the article:

Plummeting newspaper circulation, disappearing classified ads, “unbundling” of content—the list of what’s killing journalism is long. But high on that list, many would say, is Google, the biggest unbundler of them all. Now, having helped break the news business, the company wants to fix it—for commercial as well as civic reasons: if news organizations stop producing great journalism, says one Google executive, the search engine will no longer have interesting content to link to. So some of the smartest minds at the company are thinking about this, and working with publishers, and peering ahead to see what the future of journalism looks like. Guess what? It’s bright.

Why we love google

They have a great sense of humor. Google has a national competition running and cities are trying to one up each other with pranks to get Google’s attention. The company is planning to set up wireless internet in the winning city.  I think Topeka KS has the edge.