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It’s too easy. Really.


How the left blows the message war. Every. single. day.

Fluffy funnin' with fellow celebrity Karl

These days I mostly skip the ‘interview’ portion of the Sunday gasbaggery exhibitions. An interview with someone singing the company line is not something I’m inclined to waste time on . . . . however, while far from the remote, I caught the last moments of some White House talker-whose-turn-it-was with David Gregroy (known in many corners of the liberal blogosphere as ‘Fluffy’) . Here’s how it went:

GREGORY: Is the President responsible for high gas prices?

WHITE HOUSE TALKER: Well, first of all . . .

Wrong!!  Better answer? How about:

WHITE HOUSE TALKER: Of course not! First of all . . .

How hard is that?

Money for bombs, and the gas is free . . .

He doesn’t care what the gas really costs. War makes him feel all triumphant but gas prices make him feel like a victim. From Anderson at the Houston Chronicle: