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A puzzlement

Both Jane and Ed sent this in. I had seen the commercial myself, and had already begun scratching my graying head about it.

What’s GE going for here? Are they hoping to sell weapons systems directly to Americans? Get us to write our congressmen on their behalf in case the defense budget takes any hits?

I know that it’s going to be good politics to celebrate the Reagan ‘centennial’ (my God, didn’t the man just die? Couldn’t we wait a decent interval and celebrate some other milestone?) but GE doesn’t need to waste an advertising dime to gain the goodwill of the American people. Aren’t they pretty well doing the people’s business 24/7 right now? So what’s the point?

My favorite line is about Reagan’s ‘entrepreneurial spirit’. That’s a cool line for a guy whose life was remarkably free of entrepreneurial anything. A great smile, a great personality, swell hair and people liked him. And there you go.

Take it away G.E. for whatever you are taking it away for.