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My name is Moe, and I am a fracking idiot

_OhMyGodOh, big ouch!  I just showed up at a friend’s house (45 minutes away) for dinner. He was a little surprised because the dinner is tomorrow. And that is why, now that I am home, I have chosen dessert for my evening meal.

Libya? No. Japan? No. Wisconsin? No. Scrub Jays? Yes!

Walked today with my 90-year old friend Bessie. Remarkably she keeps up. I should not be surprised, since she flew B-17’s in WWII and today walks about five miles a day! I’m trying to grow up and be her. As we wandered through the lovely park that begins at the bottom of my street, we saw five gopher turtles and were visited by a family of scrub jays who like peanuts.