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Just go see it. Now.

Since I was at Krugman’s blog

Ahem, look what the Professor has introduced:


Oldies videos still disappearing

Ive been doing a little blog housekeeping today and see that youtube┬áis again taking down more oldies videos, and instead of replacing them with the ‘video no longer available’ message, they’re replacing them with other videos. ‘Short Shorts’ and some Jackie Wilson stuff now appear over and over here.

I’ve tried to keep up and fix things by using different versions of the original songs . . . but it’s too much. So be it.

I just want y’all to know that Who Wears Short Shorts is not my favorite song.

Friday oldie

Something I didn’t know – these guys were all students at Tennessee State at the time they recorded and performed this. That sweet sweet voice is Billy Lockridge.

It’s Friday, so before I forget . . .

Those epic promises, oh, the promises!