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“Find on this page” doesn’t bring up ‘historian’. Must be something wrong with my computer.

Following up on the earlier post – when you’re hired as a strategist for a company’s top lobbyist, this is the job description.

Consultant will provide consulting and related services as requested by Freddie Mac’s Director, Public Policy in exchange for which Freddie Mac will pay Consultant $25,000 per each full calendar month during which Consultant provides Services.

Kos had a comment,

. . . there you go. That’s the whole thing. When you cut out the 14 other pages of boilerplate terms and conditions, generic stuff that is copy and pasted into every contract, that’s the actual meat of it. Wow. A whole sentence—I think I even see a comma in there.

Well, that’s okay then

Newt’s 1999 contract with Freddie Mac’s chief lobbyist (the $25,000 a month contract) says:

“nothing herein is or shall be construed as an agreement to provide lobbying services of any kind or engage in lobbying activities.”

Crisp and clear, that – and not to be ‘construed’ as other than the absolute utter truth. One does wonder why they felt it necessary to includeg that phrase when contracting with a ‘historian’ or ‘strategist’?

The brief story in my paper this morning did not tell me what the contract does include. I shall go a-googling.

A comment worth promotion

In an earlier thread, commenter Doug took issue with the premise of a letter to the editor of my local paper that I’d posted, in which the writer addressed how our economy got into its present condition.  Doug’s comment  then elicited a response from ojmo which I think is worth promotion to the front page so you can read it too. It’s long and full of those fact things and deserves a read.

Doug said:

Can I point out that Medicare and Social Security are payroll taxes, and come out of MY paycheck? I did not see those taxes get cut…And the great recession came as a result of the housing collapse (compounded with high fuel costs). The housing collapse came out of irresponsible lending encouraged by the vaunted government institutions of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The government was encouraging, rewarding, and driving banks to give mortgages to people who couldn’t afford them. These programs were conceived under Carter, pushed under Clinton (I remember the news stories personally), and warned against by Bush and McCain, to name two, but poopooed (I just wanted to get poo into this). Let’s look at the unemployment rate before the housing collapse, shall we? Then let’s look at the job creating juggernaut that is Obama and the rates over his tenure…

And ojmo responded: 

Can  I point out that Medicare and Social Security are payroll taxes, and come out of MY paycheck? I did not see those taxes get cut…

The Republicans are the party that cuts income taxes on the wealthy every chance they get. Payroll taxes are different because they’ve already “baked in” upper limits on those taxes. However, as far as payout on the benefits goes, the Continue reading