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I remember everything. Every piercing painful moment.

This should qualify as a perfect trifecta for Moe. It all comes together right here in a single number – an oldie, politics, and an anniversary. Plus Frank Sinatra. So why am I so sad?

Friday oldie

In the ’60’s, Bobby Darin was poised to be the Frank Sinatra of his generation. Sadly, he died young.

Someone once said that when Sinatra sang a lyric, you could hear the punctuation. Darin could do that. He also had an Elvis’ lip! (This  is a bit out of sync but you’ll hear him just fine.)

Friday oldie – live from Vegas

The early days of big names in Vegas – Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Frank Sinatra and catch that guy on the right! Heeere’s Johnny.

Try to imagine  four top entertainers ‘working a room’ like that today. (Instead of a stadium.)