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Richard Holbrooke and Scotty

I just heard that Ambassador Richard Holbrook has died. You can read all about him pretty much anywhere – one of the giants in contemporary American foreign policy. It’s a big loss for all of us.

But it’s a particular loss for my nephew (in-law) – a bright, enthusiastic, gifted young man who works at the State Department where his beat is Afghanistan / Pakistan. And where Richard Holbrooke mentored him from the beginning.  He’s  traveled to Af/Pak, met some of the people I can only read about, and actually knows some people whose books I read! An accomplished kid of whom we’re all proud.

Tomorrow, Scotty is to become a father for the second time. But tonight, he has lost a friend. That’s a lot at once when you’re young. So I’ll be thinking of Scotty tonight.

TUESDAY UPDATE:  Happy to report that Scott and my neice have just become the proud parents of Charlotte – 20 inches, 7 pounds, black hair (black hair??? they’ve are, respectively, blond and redheaded!) All is well with the world.