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And the blog vacation ends?

Who knows . . . dropped out for a few days because I just didn’t feel like being here. And I was busy, very busy. I’m even a few days behind in my email.

Long long ago and far far away - 8th Grade graduation

Meanwhile, a nice thing has happened in my life: one of my much-loved nephews is a life long resident of Connecticut in the town where he (and I) grew up. He’s married, and owns a mid size insurance agency in the very heart of town in a lovely old historic house that is now home to his agency along with a few lawyers.

Last month, he opened a satellite office right down here – again, in the very heart of town. It’s even in one of the older more graceful buildings. He shares it with a small law office.

Yesterday, I was in town doing errands and stopped in for a hug and a ‘hi!’. And being able to do that is, as I said, a very nice thing.