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Still trying: Making a better tomorrow, tomorrow

The slogan is ready, and he’s tan and rested!

A few months ago, Stephen Colbert  tried to form Stephen Colbert PAC and ran into legal obstructions. He was however advised that he might be able to  seek approval for a ‘Super-PAC’  if he could get the FEC to agree not to consider his TV show an ‘in kind’ donation from Viacom, owner of Comedy Central.

So yesterday, there he was  at the FEC – in character as the guy who calls Bill O’Reilly “Papa Bear” – filing a formal request for an advisory opinion. Not surprisingly it was a media event with fans filling the sidewalks in front of the building.

Video is at Talking Points Memo with their story:

Accepting unlimited funding is “a right as described by the Citizens United case,” Colbert said in response to a question from Politico’s Ken Vogel. “I believe the Citizens United decision was the right one, there should be unlimited corporate money, and I want some of it. I don’t want to be the one chump who doesn’t have any.”

Outside, headed for his car, he said:

“I want to form Colbert Super PAC for all the PAC-less Americans, to give you a voice in the form of my voice,” Colbert said.

Colbert told the crowd he’d be offering handshakes at $1 a pop and collected fists full of cash as he darted into an awaiting SUV.