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Because we always need a little Elvis and it’s been way too long

Elvis would have been 78 today

Friday oldie

I can’t believe I never posted this before. (There are 24 million hits on youtube. Guess the guy is still popular.)

Any excuse for Elvis

May cupid pierce your cold cold heart (don’t take it personally, that’s a bit of projection there)

Well, he did get the Central Park skating rink back on track

Donald Trump might run for President.

“Advisers to Mr. Trump say that he will decide by June whether to go forward with a Republican presidential bid. The timing is built around his television program, “The Apprentice,” which is scheduled to end by June.”

Elvis help us.

Monday morning delight

 More at Buzzfeed: Impossible Celebrity Couples

Demi Moore and Paul Newman; Elvis and Angelina Jolie

Feelin’ old on Friday

Don’t like these worshipful photo montages (especially of Priscilla in her teased hair/eyeliner days – a shame since she was quite a beautiful woman) but this is a fine audio version of a great song.

Good morning

Laughed a lot last night at a family dinner with a visiting cousin.  And we were marveling that the day before would have been Elvis Presley’s 75th birthday.  The evening was so much fun that upon arising this morning, I had nearly forgotten that it’s the 93rd day of the ninth year of the War in Afghanistan.