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Breathless headlines – threat alert off the charts!

Drudge makes his editorial contribution again to the important issues of our day. Well played, Matt. That ought to get the page views up nicely .. . .

drudge well done matt

The long long road from a White House tradition to Matt Drudge’s front page

Headline at Drudge Report:

How many people does it take to put up a Christmas tree for the Obamas?

The above headline appears under a picture  of the White House Christmas tree in the Blue Room. Where there has never before been a White House Christmas tree.

He got it from here.

Well that was fast

There’s already a huge petition ad at the top of¬† The Drudge Report – the very large graphic says REPEAL IT NOW. Busy, busy, busy. (Reconciliation vote hasn’t even happened yet!)

I guess hope never dies. Even when you’re a Republican.