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I am not a fan of sport but Willard is

At NASCAR: fits right in, doesn’t he?

Most of my friends follow sport and some, I figure, define sport differently –  like what counts and what doesn’t. I’ve heard some say that ‘dressage’ is not sport. Some of course say it is sport. I can probably go either way (in terms of dressage  just to be clear). But given that some of those in the world of gas-baggery have taken notice of Mrs. Romneys fondness for dressage and Mr. Romney’s fondness for sport, I decided to noodle on this to see where I would stand, were I to stand anywhere.

So I compared sport to the arts. Now, since I’m of the school that “if it gets my attention or makes me think or even if I just oooh and aaaah, I’m calling it art”, I should allow the same broad definition for what is and what isn’t sport.

Ergo, for me anyway, allowing as I’m  not much of a fan of sport, I say dressage is sport.