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I’m not liking this speech

Is it just me?

After all the passion in the speeches leading up to Obama . . . this speech feels very disjointed. And he’s not saying anything new. He’s repeating stuff he’s said many times and repeating what’s been said earlier by other speakers.

This awful thematic phrase “you can choose” makes it sound vaguely informcialish. I think it’s a terrible phrase and means nothing.

Obama is giving a stump speech.

(although he did just say ‘citizenship’, a word I’m always longing to hear)

“Why Bill Clinton’s speeches succeed”

James Fallows has a fascinating column today in The Atlantic. Here’s why he thinks Clinton connects:

Because he treats listeners as if they are smart.

That is the significance of “They want us to think” and “The strongest argument is” and “The arithmetic says one of three things must happen” and even “Now listen to me here, this is important.” He is showing that he understands the many layers of logic and evidence and positioning and emotion that go into political discussion — and, more important, he takes for granted that listeners can too. . . .

He compares Clinton’s style to Sports Radio Talk, where it’s assumed listeners understand the nuances and finer points of rules nad strategy and analysis. He goes on:

It’s the difference between clarifying, and over-simplifying. Clarification, with the confidence that people can understand the back and forth, lies behind passages like this, which characterized most of the speech.

I think he’s got it exactly right.

No one, absolutely no one . . .

loves giving a political speech more than big Bill Clinton. The man simply adores it. And it was grand.

This is the rising star?

Tonight’s keynoter: this speech isn’t working for me. The young mayor of San Antonio is handsome for sure. Hispanic for sure. And a very good speaker. But so far – he’s still speaking – the lad hasn’t managed to light my fire. 

One thing bothered me right off the bat: he does that thing Obama does, where he lowers his voice almost to a whisper to deliver the punch line (right into the mic of course). I never like it when Obama does it and I like it less when a young wanna-be does it.

I’m probably being unfair. This is an accomplished kid and I’m here sitting on my very comfortable couch thinking about a bowl of raspberries with some confectioners’ sugar sprinkled on top.


Now Cory Booker is leaving everyone before him in the dust

It’s just getting better and better. Tonight is full of that ole time religion!!

Strickland rocks too

If Lewis Black had a child with Lyndon Johnson, they’d have to name the kid Ted Strickland. I’ve never heard him before; he’s the former Democratic governor of Ohio. I’ve  counted more political clichés than it should be decently possible to squeeze into a single speech – and he’s making every single one of them work.

More of this please.

Only at the DNC

Just heard a rousing speech from a gay Jewish Congressman from Colorado I’ve never heard of, and saw Tony Shalub (“Monk”) in the hall enjoying it. I love being a Democrat.

Dem days: I wanted to be fair, but . . .

Harry Reid, is not the second worst. speaker.ever.