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I think Obama done good but something was missing

I think his speech was pretty good. Clear, succinct, to the point. He missed a few points and overplayed a few others, but mostly it was a good speech and right for this moment.

I thought however, that an essential ingredient was missing in this speech – I was listening for an implied threat of presidential action. This would have been the time to set up any future presidential action that might become necessary should the Congress fail.

Earth to D.C., earth to D.C., earth to .. .

Bruce Bartlett:

It appears that Republicans have walked away from a historic opportunity to reduce the deficit because of their obsessive insistence that not one penny come from higher revenues. Recent polls, however, suggest that the American people are not so obstinate and are more than willing to accept some increase in taxes to reduce the deficit. There is a high degree of consistency in every poll I could find on this topic.
His supporting graphic is not transferable, so you’ll have to go there to see it. He lists 11 polls, mostly from the last three months. On average, 65% of the people said we need to address deficit with a mix of taxes and cuts. An average of 29% said spending cuts alone.
Still doing the people’s business alright.