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I’m still avoiding the hard stuff, so here: It’s a Daily Show reunion!

Skip the chit-chat and go straight to 1:35 into the video. This is from something called “Night of Too Many Stars”, a fundraiser for something that was held sometime somewhere. But who cares really when there’s an opportunity to see Stephen Colbert and Steve Carrell go all song-and-dance-men.

I watched it. Most of it.

Jon Stewart chose to do his monologue at the close of The Rally to Restore Sanity, rather than at the beginning.

Great move because he sent people away with a pitch-perfect closing. Sane, serious, non partisan, terrific monologue. I hope Comedy Central posts a transcript – I imagine video will be available, but I’d love to have a transcript. If anyone comes across one, please let me know. (He took exquisite aim at cable news, a favorite target of his.)

(One note: I wish he’d used the Daily Show ‘correspondants’ more. I’d love to have seen them all onstage doing maybe a tongue-in-cheek musical number a la the Capitol Steps. That would have been fun.)

Gosh I hope Rush watched.

Back from vacation

Only Jon Stewart could envision this:

Obama as Trump

Dorian’s Two Cents: Somebody Else’s Job

Businesses and Churches are trying to Govern.

Politicians are trying to be Celebrities.

Entertainment is trying to be News.

News is trying to be Entertainment.

And so on, and so on…

Howzabout we all do our own damn jobs?

Seriously.  Club For Growth, I’m talking to you, you 1900s throwbacks.  Here’s what I mean:

-Corporations are for making MONEY. By definition they’re NOWHERE NEAR sensitive enough to run a free person’s life.  Don’t expect them to be good at caring about how you feel.  Use them for making money, but why in hell did we let them drive Medicine and Insurance?  Were we all drunk that decade?

-Politicians are for making deals. Yes, they’re backstabbing liars.  Don’t pretend you don’t KNOW this in your American soul.  Between Jesus Himself Christ and Jesse James (the Outlaw or the Biker), you’d vote in the whole James Gang (even Joe Walsh!) before Jesus managed one single parable.  Why?  They’d get shit DONE!  And that’s what we WANT in a Politician.  (BTW, Jesus would also lose for being far too Left-Wing for the Right-Wing Christians.)

-Churches are for Morals and Support. Not TV, Churches.  Among other worthy services.  Instead of Politics, Jesus would probably be here, albeit perhaps in moneychanger-kicking-mode once He sees the state of things.  But, I digress.  They’re really not supposed to make you all bummed out, you’re s’posed to walk out all jazzed on God. Which is hard when the Church is telling you to get out there and Hate.  WWJD?  He’d go have a stiff drink, then go to the park where it’s quiet and green, I hope.

-Entertainment is NOT REAL. What’s the difference between Rush Limbaugh and The Daily Show?  The Daily Show readily admits that it’s FAKE NEWS.  And the audience knows that.  And there are way fewer direct death threats to public officials.  If you tell a Dittohead that Limbaugh’s fake, you oughta start RUNNING THE HELL AWAY.

SO, my point?

Let’s use the tools we’ve made for what they’re ACTUALLY GOOD FOR.  Maybe that’ll work?