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“We are currently experiencing . . .

Me today - if I weren't a girl

. . . connection problems at Comast.net.”

I’ve been unable to access my email this morning. Withdrawal symptoms are appearing.

The laptop (with Outlook) had to check into intensive care yesterday; on this machine, I have to go directly to comcast.net – and I can’t. Are there drugs for this?

And ooohhhh . . . has Comcast been hacked?

UPDATE: Email back. Cable gone. Comcast is screwing with me today.

Just stopping by: Bobblespeak link

Moe’s vacation continues and perhaps a bit longer than anticipated.  I’ve just  suffered the horror of The Rise of the Planet of the Comcast for two plus days. Increasingly this is a regular event – but they’re the only game in town which leads to a somewhat cavalier definition of  ‘customer service’. Verizon FIOS is on the way, but hasn’t reached me yet. Is it any better in your neighborhood?

I am now back online but still on vacation. Before I return to my quiet place, let me remind us all to visit here because moonshinepatriot has again stepped up and watched the Sunday gabfests, so we don’t have to. The raw material for ridicule thins out when Davide Gregory isn’t on air but here’s a Meet the Press tidbit with Samantha Guthrie in for Gregory anbd Robert Gibbs in for the whoever.

Citibank brings you the new Army uniform! (and how I wish I knew how to photoshop)

So many to choose from

Think of the revenues! Just like NASCAR and so many others do, how about we slap corporate logos all over our military uniforms, our tanks, copters and airplanes?  Golden Arches on a tank would attract an enemy longing for a Happy Meal (fooled ya!). BP’s green logo would look snappy on those camo getups. Endless opportunities for serendipity.

Why not? The free market is our god and the corporation is his prophet; we ought to be spreading the word.

Speaking of our corporate overlords: Did you know that AT&T and Comcast are the largest purveyors of online pornography in the country? I got that from Chris Hedges’ book “Empire of Illusion” (no linkee to text), so here’s a link to the online story in The Baptist Standard.

So much to be proud of.

Elvis is back in his heaven (UPDATED below)

And my world is once again whole.

The Comcast technician has done his sacred duty, the TV is producing pictures and noises, the cable box is a new one, component cable has replaced coaxial (this is something that was supposed to happen back when I first installed the digital box but didn’t) and I shall now settle down to re-establish all my settings and recreate my recording schedule. I’ll miss quite a bit no doubt – like the future programs I scheduled because they sounded interesting. I won’t remember those.

My archived recordings are all gone and Comcast’s TV Guide doesn’t show past days – noting prior to the current day/hour. So I need to find a listing somewhere and see what I need to catch up on at ON DEMAND or Hulu.

I know it sounds like I spend my days on the couch, remote in hand. I don’t. Not at all. I do like to watch television and I record and ultimately erase much more than I ever actually watch. But I never watch anything other than news in real time so planning is involved, and that’s what I’ll now go spend a few hours doing.

That is, after I return the laptop* to the office from the kitchen, reconnect everything in its proper place and put my lonely MagicJack phone back in business.

* Icing on my cake – the laptop battery is dead-da-da-dead-dead-dead. It cannot move about without its power cord. I think it died in a show of solidarity with the cable box. Possible.

UPDATE: I wonder who would believe that I just got off the phone with Comcast yet again? Oh I still have TV – that part works. But the on-screen TV guide? Not so much. Everything but today is “To Be Announced”. I have called it in like a good customer  – as it turns out, one of the thousands who’ve been flooding their lines.  My anticipated rescheduling will not happen right now, which is a shame because I’ve very little free time this week after tonight.  The beat, as I said below, goes on.

Cable out an I iz not happy

I'll be waiting.

Apparently my DVR cable box is malfunctioning. I know this because after an hour on my own trying to get it to reboot properly, and another 45 minutes on the phone with a technician, I have no cable. I must say this for Comcast, they have patient and agreeable phone techs. But I still don’t have TV.

My problem is the box and no amount of resetting from here or from their end is going to fix it. New box needed. But it’s Saturday night. And it’s a holiday weekend. And the offices are closed. And the first time they can get someone out here with a new box is Tuesday. 

When my power goes down and I call the utility company, they don’t tell me they are taking the weekend off – and neither should Comcast. They’re not a boutique service – they provide access to an essential utility for their customers. I pay lottsa US dollars every month to provide that access. Saying  “sorry Tuesday is the best we can do” is not good enough.

I shall visit the Comcast office next week and arrange for them to adjust my bill commensurate with how I price my own time.  I figure three free months? Or should I ask for more? I’m sure they’ll be agreeable about it.

ComcastGEMSNBC and Olbermann broke up

About 20 minutes after Comcast bought NBC or NBC bought Comcast or GE bought everything in the entire frackin’ world, Keith Olbermann stepped down from his rich throne at MSNBC. After he branded their network (giving liberals a place to go when Bush made their teeth hurt) they said ‘ahh, just get outta here.’

People who know him (and suddenly everyone in media knows Keith very very well) say it was probably him as much as the network – Olbermann does things his way and famously does not suffer fools. Which would make him a bad fit with corporate overlords.

A surprise for sure. Perhaps time. We’ll see. The guy was often over the top, but his voice resonated.