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Yet another bit of logic we must ignore if we want to stay F-R-E-E-E

This thing is kind of like health care. In spite of abundant evidence that Glass-Steagall worked (no bank failures for 50 years – approximately  ’33 to ’83), those enjoying the fruits of today’s perverse versions of capitalism and finance, who are dedicated to making money with money (making things is so yesterday), will not tolerate anything resembling a reinstatement of that law. And they will win.

Here’s a People’s Warrior on CNBC facing the conventional opposition, laced with a bit of hostile mockery. This video was viral a few days ago, until it briefly disappeared because CNBC filed a copyright claim against, I believe, the Senator. Ahem?

That is what brought this video to the attention of the fine folks at Upworthy. They note that “It gets amazing at 2:08. At 3:42, she uses their words against them. And at 4:39 [it really rocks].”

Listen to her ‘splain it all – clearly, simply and confidently.

Breaking news

The sound is off on my teevee, which is tuned to the money channel, CNBC. And there, almost drooling, is the appalling Larry Kudlow – he who got everything wrong as the economy spiraled into a nasty place – there’s Larry talking over some video. Why it’s a caravan of cars, apparently  transporting Tiger Woods. This is bigger than the Dow for sure!

Apparently the Woods had just spoken to a room full of people he probably didn’t know, and at that podium he told the whole wide world he’s really sorry for having sex with all those ladies.

It was necessary to follow those cars from the air, because twenty years ago a football player drove his car (white SUV) on a highway and helicopters followed him. And the media moguls saw that and said it is good. And they saw that and they said why that it is easy to do. And they saw that and said maybe there’s money for us here. And they saw that and envisioned their idiot audience (yeah, like me) watching it. And so they said unto their minions on the lower floors: do that. Do that often.

Now that Tiger has apologized, I can get on with my life I guess.