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But then – gasp! – this is Shanghai

UPDATE: To be fair to today’s Shanghai (as jonolan points out), this is also Shanghai.


This is Mexico City

There are a lot of  people there these days – a bit over 8 million in the city limits, 22 million in the greater city. I find that birds-eye view terrifying in an apocalyptic way.

But then this is Mexico City too . . . perspective is powerful. http://mexfiles.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/zona_rosa1.jpg

Eschaton rules! (also Dr. Black is cute)

This is why Atrios is one of the most successful bloggers in the whole blogging blogesphere. He has eyes to see.

Generational Warfare

I think in a very broad sense there is a generational shift between those who experienced the cities-in-decline decades and those experiencing the cities-kinda-sorta-getting-better-again decades. So much urban policy was directed at jobs-and-destinations, desperately trying to attract large employers and turning cities into urban theme parks for suburban visitors, with cultural and sporting events being the draw.