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Merry Christmas

Thanks Arb, for this and for your perfect Christmas post, here.

I like my tree a lot better this year

I was quite distressed last year over a tree that turned out to be the wrong size. I was so unhappy I accorded far too much importance to that. I’m now a bit embarrassed by my public angst.

But this year? A fine tree. Right size, right shape and so fresh that even a week after bringing it into the house there are no needles on the floor. Good, good and good.

Want to see it? No matter, you’re going to see it. History must be served. Here’s the tree buck nekkid and then almost fully dressed.


Oh, I meant to say earlier . . .

. . . that, for the second year, the War on Christmas has been called off because the soldiers failed to show up, which left poor Bill O’Reilly starved of targets. Anyway, those of you who did stand at the ready, you may now return home. Nice try.

I wish you all a Merrry Christmas

To friends and readers –  a joyful season.

It’s not Christmas without Johnny Mathis

Parumpapumpum . . .

Christmas joy. Christmas smiles. Christmas music.

And very very cute. This is a pure delight. Thanks to friend Jane for the link.


Oh by golly, have a Holly Jolly Christmas this year

The Christmas lights winner is . . .

What a sense of humor. From Star Trek’s George Takei, who has a keen eye for this sort of thing.

So tender: this always touches me

For the third straight Christmas –  Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas:


The tree. It is up.

The too-big Christmas tree is no longer too big and sits in its traditional spot in my living room. It is yet buck naked but looks great (and even smells wonderful!). So my holidays may now commence thanks to good neighbor Jim, partner of good neighbor Barb. He’s my Christmas tree go-to guy. I always buy the thing and haul it home, but until Jim comes over to help make sure it goes into the stand straight, it sits outside. This year he brought the cordless saw and promptly took it down a size and made it perfect. Now, once once I get the lights on (nobody’s favorite job) I can enjoy the sweet part – unboxing the ornaments, some so old they’re from my grandmother’s trees (albeit fewer each year) – and finding the perfect spot for each.

They’re coming for Christmas

Which is very very good news around here!

Christmas in Kabul

I’m sure Santa managed to visit many of our troops in Afghanistan, but I fear there are others who are otherwise engaged. Because, after all, today is the 80th day of the tenth year of the war in Afghanistan.

The most tender – and strangely sad – Christmas song

The bush league of the punditocracy

A conversation on the teevee this morning about an idiot statement by Sen. Jon Kyl who apparently questioned the Christian faith of Harry Reid. Dumb and dumber.

The jibber jabber on Morning Joe has been quite reasonable. But then I heard that Christian ego in a sweater, Joe Scarborough, say “This is the most sacred holiday for Christians.”

No Joe, it is not. Not even close. I’m neither a practicing nor believing Christian like you, but I do know this – Christmas is NOT the most sacred Christian day. That would be Easter, the day that celebrates the central event of Christianity. Christmas is the most sacred of holidays for Macy’s.

The ’round table’ of regulars nodded sagely, as they always do, because a job is a job.

Get your season on!

The food was very fine, the company was even better – and I saw Christmas lights all the way home tonight. Dear elvis, let’s slow down please.

As for the poor benighted souls who now consider it their patriotic duty to trample each other at the malls and big box stores tomorrow –  I wish they’d consider a leisurely breakfast instead.

Meanwhile, I actually found myself thinking about some Christmas wreaths, and how to put lights on one of them, so it can hang on my new carport gate. Yikes. I haz met the enemy and it is me.

(Attention liberals: Don’t y’all forget to oil up your weapons – it’s nearly time for us to pick up those arms and go once again into the breach in  our never ending War on Christmas!)