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A way to go yet

IMG_1958But it’s a beginning. Have to be ready for the 14th, when Logan comes to help finish the decorations and make some cookies (a lame effort but always fun). He’s eight this year so has now done this with me for over half his life.


I like my tree a lot better this year

I was quite distressed last year over a tree that turned out to be the wrong size. I was so unhappy I accorded far too much importance to that. I’m now a bit embarrassed by my public angst.

But this year? A fine tree. Right size, right shape and so fresh that even a week after bringing it into the house there are no needles on the floor. Good, good and good.

Want to see it? No matter, you’re going to see it. History must be served. Here’s the tree buck nekkid and then almost fully dressed.


Many Mondays suck

Today has not been a good day. I have not liked today at all.

Only one thing went as it was supposed to –  I managed to arrive home with a Christmas tree.

The tree however is probably tainted by virtue of being ‘of today’ . . . so I won’t be surprised in the morning when I find it looks like this.

Christmas may now commence

The deed is done. With the help of now six-year old Logan and his mom and friends Ed and Steve, the tree at Moe’s house is raised, lighted and decorated. (I will admit that, much as it was last year, some ‘repositioning of ornatmentation’ (as a Pentagon bureaucrat might name the operation) did occur after Logan left.

Logan says "God bless us every one"

This year, Logan has other important things to do besides decorate my tree – like step onstage as Tiny Tim in this year’s production of A Christmas Carol! (If he doesn’t get too tall, he might get the part again next year.)

Friday Christmas oldie

I’m running out of time! Brenda Lee will have to do – this was actually popular at one time.