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Time for the silly season again. Clap your hands!

The MSM is once again embracing Christine O’Donnell as a news story because she, once again, is being investigated  for misuse of campaign funds. It’s a pretty old story; this is just a new chapter. But now – as if she were a remotely serious person about whom Americans should care one whit – here she is, back on all the morning teevee shows smiling and being sweet and saying that the Vice President of the United States and George Soros are out to get her.  I am not clear as to the reason – perhaps they think she’s too cute or something.

The woman has run for the Senate three times and doesn’t know the rules. The woman is just out having fun and doesn’t care about the rules and when Good Morning America calls, it’s like they’re asking her out and buying her an ice cream soda.

We truly are doomed

And this is why:

Chrsitine O’Donnell was the most covered candidate in 2010

Let’s noodle this

Question: Has Christine O’Donnell, new GOP nominee for the US Senate, ever held an actual job. A real one, with a paycheck and everything. And also, where do her funds come from? What’s she been living on in recent years?

Christine O’Donnell: Do as I say, not as I did

Christine O’Donnell, newly anointed tea party star, when not running for the Senate (three times a charm!) has spent a good deal of her life lecturing others about the virtues of chastity and the horrors of sex before marriage. And masturbation is wrong. Also.

But maybe you didn’t know why she came to be so vocal about other people’s morals – it was because she had an evangelical awakening while in college where she was “drinking too much and having sex with guys with whom there wasn’t a strong emotional connection.”

Glad she got a little in when she was able. At least she’ll have the memories.

Those Dems never had to meet a payroll!

I heard that tired old talking point, a charge leveled against Rep. Mike Castle (who lost the  Delaware primary) – heard it on one of the talking head shows – to make the case that Christine O’Donnell was the  better candidate. Did the Dem challenge it? Of course not. But it would have been so easy – a cursory google or wikipedia check reveals that while O’Donnell listed herself as a self-employed marketing consultant there’s no evidence of that. All of her jobs, whether paid or unpaid (could have involved marketing activity as nebulous as that phrase is) have been with political organizations or conservative advocacy groups. Can’t find a single private sector (or for profit) job in her resume.

Here are some other Republicans who have never had to meet a payroll:

GOP presidential candidate 2008: John McCain  – never had to buy health insurance either. Grew up in military, served in military, went to Congress. Public tit all the way. Never had a private sector job or met a payroll.

Former Speaker of the House: Newt Gingrich – grew up military, taught at state college, went to Congress. After Congress, it’s all non-profit advocacy organizations along with ‘fellow’ status at conservative think tanks to pay the bill. He is lately peddling Newt Inc, so that’s private I guess. But government tit till he was bounced by his party from the leadership for being a bad, bad boy.

Senator from Kentucky and Senate Minority Leader: Mitch McConnell – military and Congress all the way. No private sector. No payrolls. Solid government tit.

There are no doubt plenty of Dems with the same resume. But they’re not accusing their opponents of ‘never having met a payroll.”