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Best John Stewart line ever

On last night’s post-debate show, Stewart ran video of a very distraught Chris Matthews, whose voice got louder with each utterance, whose face got a little redder with each utterance, who nearly cried out to the gods, as an illustration of how bad was Obama’s debate performance. To wit:

STEWART: Mr. President, you broke Chris Matthews!

Chris Matthews finally arrives in 1997!

I’ve got half an ear to Chris Matthews from earlier today. Because Bill Clinton is in the news (he’ll be nominating Obama at the convention) Matthews has seized the opportunity to – over and over again – call Clinton “the Big Dog”. At one point, I actually heard him say “the Big Dog, that’s what we call him now!”

That’s what we began calling him sixteen years ago Chris.

Send him down there!

Why do I listen to Chris Matthews? Tonight, he’s got his own solution to the Gulf oil leak. He suggested dropping an old aircraft carrier or something down on top of the blown well to crush it.  Exhibiting utter ignorance of  the laws of physics or  engineering, he plows ahead posing his solution in the form of a ‘why can’t we’ question to someone who did know his science. The guest tried to find a diplomatic way to respond – he said “that would be akin to the ‘drop a nuke’ solution.” Matthews was instantly offended – obviously because it was HIS idea and he is a VERY IMPORTANT PERSON. Don’t they know that? Really.

Shoot me now

Chris Matthews has just asked someone I never saw in my life if it’s too soon to be looking at Scott Brown for President for 2012.  Head exploding.