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As good as it gets


New jersey Governor Chris ChristieCalifornia’s belt-tightening, tax increases, and subsequent projected budget surplus contrasts sharply with Gov. Chris Christie’s plan to cut New Jersey’s income tax, even though the state’s deficit grew again this year, as it has for almost a decade.

Christie believes that cutting taxes on the 1% will bring “job creators” into the state: according to Thinkprogress, “The tax cut plan that Christie unveiled in 2012 would have given 40 percent of its benefit to the richest 1 percent of New Jerseyans, while cutting taxes for middle-class families by just $80.”

Christie would cut state taxes even though it would dramatically lower revenue; meanwhile New Jersey desperately needs money to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy. And while Christie is smart, tough, personable, and appears to be one of the few non-crazies on the national Republicans scene,  he still clings to the market fundamentalism that brought the country to its present condition.

Fuel to fire, or, how to incite the opposition

I like Michael Moore. He has been the  authentic artistic voice of the abandoned industrial cities of the mid-West and has grown into a successful and talented film maker and provocateur. I like him. And we need provocateurs always, but as a film director might concede, timing is everything.

Moore did no favors today for Chuck Hagel nor for the likely contentious confirmation battle to come once Obama, as expected, nominates Hagel for Sec Def. Moore penned a column for The Huffington Post. Here’s a bit:

But what you probably haven’t seen — because everyone has forgotten — is that back in 2007, Chuck Hagel went totally crazy and told the truth about our invasion of Iraq. Here’s what he said:

“People say we’re not fighting for oil. Of course we are. They talk about America’s national interest. What the hell do you think they’re talking about? We’re not there for figs.”

Hagel was and is a brave and pretty honest guy. He shares many of the qualities that make people like Chris Christie – candid, fearless. But Moore’s is a voice that inflames the right and when he stands up publicly for Chuck Hagel, I fear he makes the coming battle even  more difficult because we may now expect an even louder torrent of outrage from the usual suspects.

I’m reminded of a single line of movie dialogue from the 90’s. The film was The American President (one of my favorite films and in many ways a perfect movie). As the prez, Michael Douglas says “And we’re gonna get the guns. If we have to go door to door, we’ll get the guns.”

That probably didn’t help either.

There was this too

PBS coverage ended so I’m over at MSNBC for the first time (this is the fun part). Mathews called Christie’s speech ‘almost Churchillian’. And he meant it. He clearly admired the speech.

Tom Brokaw however, just had the most interesting observation: in all these hours, with all these speakers, there was not one single mention of the two longest wars in America’s history.

How ’bout that.  Enough. Off to bed.


Chris Christie . . .

. . . is one hell of a speaker.

UPDATE: Although . . . some of his rhetoric – two thirds of the way in – about ‘what Democrats have done to the economy’ is getting half hearted applause.

Again? Christie says “Obama’s just a bystander”

Has he noticed Romney sliding? Have the pleadings of adoring fans and desperate Republicans broken through his usual good sense and otherwise honest assessment of himself?  It can all be pretty seductive. Convention draft anyone?

Things only Republicans can say

CHRIS CHRISTIE last week at Reagan Library re American Exceptionalism:

Implicit in ‘American Exceptionalism’ is that we are different and, yes, better, in the sense that our democracy, our economy and our people have delivered.

But for [it] to truly deliver hope and a sterling example to the rest of the world, it must be demonstrated – not just asserted.

So the Governor thinks we may have slipped down the ladder a bit. Good thing he isn’t running.

AND THIS from Duane:

In response to an assertion from Dick and/or Liz Cheney that President Obama “slandered the nation,” and that he “owes an apology to the American people” for daring to criticize the Bush torture policy while subsequently following Bush-like counterterrorism strategy, John McCain said the following:

“It is very obvious that one of the great recruitment tools that our enemy has is the fact that we tortured people, which is not in keeping with the standards of the treatment of prisoners. We never got useful information as a result of torture, but we sure got a lot of angry citizens around the world, and deservedly so.”

Deservedly so.” Imagine, if you can, what would have happened if President Obama had said “citizens around the world” were “deservedly” angry at us for torturing prisoners.

Cox Newspapers columnist Frank Cerabino (link broken) suggested what might happen.

Fox News studios would have been awash in a tsunami of mouth foam.

Christie isn’t running for President. Yet.

The first time I heard Gov. Christie (R-NJ) speak I was impressed and delighted to hear candor, something that’s been missing in our national life for decades, maybe longer. I don’t know much about his policy positions. My reaction was entirely to the man. (Yes, he can border on rude, but no one is perfect.)

Yesterday he gave a speech at the Reagan Library on domestic and foreign policy – anyone reading that as a political ‘signal’ could not be blamed. It occasioned wall to wall time on cable because our Washington press corps always loves them a ‘flip flopper’ so the prospect of the biggest fish flop of them all was downright arousing. Tingle up the leg kind of arousing. But it sounds like they’ll be left at the altar.

I didn’t hear the speech, just the Q&A folllowing it and I’m even more impressed. Continue reading

Why Christie is popular

People are starved for candor – especially in today’s political swamp –  and NJ Gov. Christie delivers over and over again. Politics/policy aside, I would be thrilled to hear more people speak this way.

(Glenn Beck, if he’s still amongst us, must be feeling faint.)


Well, lookee here! Union organizing right under Gov. Chris Christie’s nose!


From Blue Jersey
by: Rosi Efthim

Imagine. Right under Christie’s nose. Public workers, white collar though they may be … organizing.