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Run Charlie, run! Faster! Harder!

My gov, Charlie Crist isn’t running well now that all the free publicity from the oil spill has receded. As a long time opponent of off shore drilling, he looked pretty good to Floridians then. Kendrick Meek would be a terrific Dem candidate in a normal election but this one isn’t normal. Meek and Crist are competing for the same voters.  I was sure some months ago that Crist would make it because he’s been so well liked as Governor. But damn if the GOP isn’t just fucking with Florida brains . . . GOP candidate, and Tea Party darling, Marco Rubio is opening up a real lead.

I spent a hundred gajillion dollars and noboby knows my name.


My concern is the influence of early voting. Here in Florida, given our demographic, a lot of people vote early. And that means that we don’t have till November to close the sale. We are running out of time here and I’m very afraid of the split vote putting Rubio into the US Senate.

I still think Charlie has a better shot than Meek. For Dems, liberals, progressives and many independents, this election needs to be less about getting Crist or Meek in office, than keeping Rubio out. So whoever of the competition is running stronger on November 2 (and I still think it will be Crist), he gets my vote. And maybe Marco Rubio can go the way of failed Dem, Jeff Greene.


Don’t count him out yet

Conventional wisdom from the Washington press is that an independent run by Gov Charlie Crist to be US Senator from Florida would spell the end for him and for Rubio and elect the Democrat, Kenrick Meeks.

I disagree. Crist just vetoed a bill out of the Republican legislature that was wildly unpopular in the State. And he’s getting a lot of credit for that.

And today, Jeremy Wallace, the political correspondent for the Sarasota Herald Tribune tells us that money is flowing Charlie’s way as well.

This one isn’t over yet.