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Let the party begin

Charles Pierce, one of the snarkiest and funniest political observers in the land, has a permanent blog home at last! Visit The Politics Blog at Esquire for his delightful take on almost anything.

Here’s some delicious from today:

Newt, you see, is a man of ideas, and one of his ideas is that he is a  historical figure already. Rarely do you see a man visibly carving himself in  marble before your eyes.

Now that’s some wordsmithing.

But that’s different!

IRA bomb London 1993

As the serene republican congressman from N.Y. Pete King “bellyaches about insufficient response to terrorism”,  Charles Pierce (in Part the Penultimate) at Altercation reminds us:

In the 1980s, King frequently traveled to Northern Ireland to meet with IRA members.[5] In 1982, speaking at a pro-IRA rally in Nassau County, New York, King said: “We must pledge ourselves to support those brave men and women who this very moment are carrying forth the struggle against British imperialism in the streets of Belfast and Derry.”[5][6] A Northern Irish judge ordered King ejected from the former’s courtroom, describing him as “an obvious collaborator with the IRA”.[5] He became involved with NORAID, an organization that the British, Irish and US governments accuse of financing IRA activities and providing them with weapons.[5][7][8][9] He was banned from appearing on British TV for his pro IRA views and refusing to condemn IRA activity in the UK.[5]

Here. That “IRA activity in the UK” referenced above? That would be stuff  like bombs in the subway.