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The bishops and the 70 million Catholics here – not on the same page, yet again.

From the Public Religion Research Institute, a poll shows majority support – even among Catholics – for the contraception inclusion in Obamacare. I’ve heard many liberals today, especially Catholic liberals, express discomfort about the requirement for religious organizations to offer their employees health care that includes the no co-pay provision for contraception that everyone else gets.

But they appear to not be among the majority of Catholics who strongly support the contraception inclusion. (Of course the vile Bill Donahue of “The Catholic League” is getting so red in the face one must worry about the man’s health, probably nothing, though, that a few guest rants on FOX News can’t cure.)

White evangelicals are the only group opposing with a majority.

and this clown still gets invited on CNN

Because his blame-the-victim theory of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church really contributes to the discussion. He is a stellar example of what’s wrong with the Catholic Church and it’s woman hating and it’s fear of the power of sex. Donohue goes off the rails at 7:15 in – near the end.

UPDATE: Can’t get the damn video to link. But it’s at CNN’s site – Larry King show.

UPDATE THE SECOND: Just heard Pat Buchanan on Hardball – he sounds much more sane than Donohue, but he is subtly making Donohue’s point. Wonder if any of the others on the panel hear what he’s actually just said.