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It really was a very fine debate

I’ve watched debates for far too many years, over which time they’ve became more and more vapid, almost like campaign appearances.

I think this one was superior for four reasons:

  1. The quality of the questions
  2. The moderator’s success at keeping the candidates on track and on time
  3. The substantive nature of the debate itself
  4. The pace. It never slowed down. That alone made it compelling.

Most of all though, this debate was a success for the first reason. And that must be credited to Crowley; she chose the questions. Every single one was relevant, direct and well stated, and the balance of subject matter was meticulous.

The Benghazi ‘terror/act of terror’ kerfuffle aside (and that of course is taking up a lot of oxygen), this was a good debate and the moderator deserves a lot of credit for that. 

(Or did it just seem that way to me because my popcorn was especially tasty? )

Good Sunday Morning in the afternoon

Big time blogger Atrios at Eschaton often charges his readers to ‘document the atrocities’ – which are what the Sunday morning news shows have become. And indeed there were atrocities aplenty this morning.

The very image of dignity

But none approached the sheer embarrassment of CNN’s Candy Crowley inviting the disgraced and indicted former GOP Minority Whip of the US House of Representatives, Tom Delay, whose recent turn on Dancing With the Stars was another national embarrassment, (isn’t he just the gift that keeps on giving?)  to discuss the Tea Party movement.

Since there are only 535 serving members of Congress as yet unindicted, I can certainly understand why she had to turn to the ex-Rep with a felony indictment on his resume. I guess she couldn’t get Randy ‘Duke’ Cunningham or Bob Ney. Oh yeah, they’re already in jail.

Candy Crowley wins this week’s atrocity award. And she’s probably a good candidate for many more wins going forward.

I hope to come back later today to heap praise on CBS Face the Nation. Bob Schieffer gets it. But there is a pressing need to go visit the unnaturally old  person.

So until then, let’s all remember that today is the 149th day of the ninth year of the War in Afghanistan.

UPDATE:  A comment (below) from actual former Congressman Bob Ney advises me he is no longer in jail and served his sentence. He was released in ’08 and now has a radio show.  Had I read all the way through his Wikipedia entry, I would have known that. I apologize to Congressman Ney.