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George Will makes me heart Calvin Coolidge

Will wrote about Calvin Coolidge today (a welcome respite from his usual whining) and offered this anecdote:

When President and Mrs. Coolidge were being given simultaneous but separate tours of a chicken farm, Grace asked her guide whether the rooster copulated more than once a day. “Dozens of times,” she was told. “Tell that to the president,” she said.

When told, Coolidge asked, “Same hen every time?” When the guide said, “A different one each time,” the president said: “Tell that to Mrs. Coolidge.”

And this was Coolidge too:

In 1924, after the lingering illness and death of his 16-year-old son from blood poisoning, Coolidge demonstrated . . . the eloquence of reticence: “When he was suffering he begged me to help him. I could not.”

Two small glimpses into the inner life of a man I’ve never even been curious about – he sounds worth knowing.

Not a handsome man

Someone needs to tell Howard Dean that his new hair coloring job makes him look like Calvin Coolidge.

Whatever works on stage

But I want to wear my glasses!

Glenn Beck now ‘wears’ his glasses on air. Dark rimmed, serious, academic looking glasses. This is because he is now using his show as a seminar on real American history. At this moment he has an audience of what looks like elementary school kids – he’s telling them why FDR was such a terrible terrible president. It’s adorable. And he’s instructing the dears on why Coolidge was so great. Calvin Coolidge. Really. (President from 1920-1929 and what happened in 1929?)Oh, and Woodrow Wilson was the devil. Don’t forget that! Not because of WWI, but because, among other sins, Wilson introduced that vile idea of ‘social justice’. And the Federal Reserve.