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A good man, a good American. Plus he cleaned up the Hudson River

Like the great troubadours before him, he loved his nation and its people. He loved justice, the earth that nourishes us and he loved music.

And this is how a pro wraps up a career – with Bruce at his side!

And this is from the 1950’s (Seeger in the foreground):

RIP old man.

Oh this is a real treat

At 3:20 in, Bruce and John Fogarty do a proper Roy Orbison. Pure joy.

Oh wow . . .

I can’t put this in the queue . . . just found it and must post it. Chuck Berry with Bruce!

Was there ever a better 90th birthday party?

Pete Seeger had the good fortune to turn 90 during the 2009 Inauguration festivities by singing Woody Guthrie’s iconic ballad, This Land is Your Land to an enormous audience whose affection for the old man was apparent. And he got to do it with Bruce!!