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From the oddest places . . .

Bill at Under the LobsterScope gives us a recent statement from former Congressman Bob Barr, who today sings a tune wildly out of tune with his, ahem, public words while in Congress. He now likes to call out stupid when he sees it – a most welcome thing. Here’s some of it:

Can't pass up any opp to post this one

The criticism has included such childishness as blasting Obama for waiting a few days before making a national speech on the incident. For heaven’s sake, the president was briefed on the incident from the moment it occured; he made statements almost immediately indicating his concern and that he was being regularly briefed; he took time to gather the facts and meet with his national security team; and then he appeared publicly to give a rational, measured, but hard-hitting response. And for this, a former vice president criticizes him.

Partisanship truly has pervasively infected our political system when a reasonable, measured, factual, timely and substantive response by a president to a single security incident — the roots of which clearly indicate long-simmering problems that predated his tenure in office — is publicly blasted as irresponsible. In point of fact, those levelling such counterproductive attacks are the ones engaging in irresponsible behavior”

So says Bob Barr.