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Okay, I’d like Wayne LaPierre’s head on a stick too

From Crooked Timber: Eric Loomis, a blogger at Lawyers, Guns and Money is in the crosshairs – he has landed on an intertubes hit list, where Glenn Reynolds, the genuinely frightening Michelle Malkin, Town Hall, The Daily Caller and only Elvis knows who else have not only climbed aboard the tired outrage train, but are actually charging him with ‘eliminationist’ rhetoric. First, here’s what he said on Twitter:

“I was heartbroken in the first 20 mass murders. Now I want Wayne LaPierre’s head on a stick.”

Pretty threatening, eh? But metaphors be damned, these folk know a genuine threat of violence when they see one.

Back to Crooked Timber:

[the first shot came from] right-wing blogger Glenn Reynolds [who] earlier voiced his anger over the State Department’s lax provision of security in Benghazi by demanding, “Can we see some heads roll?” . . . other conservative voices have joined in. The Daily Caller says Loomis “. . .  tweets demanding death for National Rifle Association executive Wayne LaPierre.” . . .  And just this morning, Michelle Malkin wrote at National Review Online: “So, it’s come to this: Advocating beheadings, beatings . . . Blood-lusting hate speech must not get a pass . . .”

By the way:

Loomis has already been questioned by the Rhode Island State Police, who told him that someone had informed the FBI that Loomis had threatened LaPierre’s life. . . .

Give it a rest girls.

I never forgot his post from Joplin, a year ago

Blogfriend Duane at The Erstwhile Conservative was in Joplin last year when that 100-year tornado hit. He lives there with his family. His post from the day after began . . .

Sunday evening, before the onset of the cruel aftershocks that continue to pummel our devastated city with remorseless storms and rescue-impeding rains, my youngest son and I undertook a journey to a destination he—a high school student and baseball player—seemed desperate to see.

He wanted to go to his school

It’s a gorgeous bit of writing and so deeply felt. Read it all and bear witness.

Well, that didn’t take long .. .

Andrew Breitbart has died

Breitbart was the founder/publisher and public face of the very influential conservative blog, Big Journalism. He became a favorite target of liberals for the last few years since he took aim and dedicated his life and his internet presence to bashing us.

But hey . . . he was only 43. So that’s pretty sad.  I’m sure many of my conservative friends here have been fans and followers; I offer you my condolences. You lost one of your generals in this silly tribal war we wage.

The story is everywhere; here’s the official announcement.

Wonder when FOX will correct this one? Hint: never

This ran yesterday at FOX Nation – no update yet . . . of course, she said no such thing.

According to video of the event Thursday and a transcript of the speech  provided by the EPA, Jackson spent part of her speech debunking . . . media reports that claimed the agency intended to “triple its budget and add 230,000  new regulators . . . .”A massive expansion was never a possibility — and the people who cited the  230,000 new EPA jack-booted thugs knew that,” she said.

Got that? Mocking the EPA expansion charge, she reassured her audience that there was no possibility that the EPA would add 230,000 new ‘jack-booted thugs’.
No offense given, but offence taken. The blogosphere outrage is in full swing. The fake story is out there and will remain. And now Lisa Jackson joins the ranks of Shirley Sherrod and Van Jones, both victims of blog smears.

Balloon Juice Day here at Whatever Works

For those amongst you who aren’t savvy to the ways of the netroots, John Cole (again) put up a post this morning asking for funds to send a Balloon Juice contributor to Netroots Nation, the huge annual convention of lefty bloggers, politicians and other media types. But mostly bloggers.

So Cole wants to send someone and posts a ‘bleg’ (i.e., to beg on a blog) for financial support to make it happen. Here’s how it goes:

Hello all- we are going to hold a brief, brief fundraiser this morning to pay for Kay to hit Netroots Nation . . . This isn’t too expensive a trip:

Hotel expenses are 390- $130 a night.
Air fare is 450.
I figure 300 for expenses, food, and other things.
And then another 300 for registration. All in all, we are shooting for about 1440. So if you are interested in helping pay for the BJ rep, hit the paypal link.

UPDATE:  At $750 at 11 am. Almost halfway.

UPDATE: STOP. We are at $1600. No more donations needed unless you want them spent on liquor and cat treats.

It took an hour. Lucky Kay.

Seen here some of the young bloggers of the left at  the first Netroots Nation, including Cenk  Uygur and Sam Seder who have both moved into traditional media.

Ezra Klein haz da stuff!

So young, so smart

Klein, an early star of the blogsphere, now blogs at The Washington Post on ‘Economic and Domestic Policy – and lots of it!’. His blog, Wonkbook, is a daily  link-rich heads up on what’s happening in DC. I highly recommend subscribing.

By the way, I found The Washington Post website annoyingly difficult to navigate. The link from the daily email failed and at the site itself, finding Klein’s column wasn’t easy. Even the search function was a little wobbly.

Hang your heads in shame, Liberals!

Over at The Conservative Lie, bigotbasher has a post called ‘Liberals Built America“. He lists (via Kos) some of the things, to use his words, ‘bequeathed to America”. Like:

.. the 8 hour day
.. paid holidays
.. paid vacations
.. sick pay
.. pensions
.. workplace safety
.. Social Security
.. Medicare
.. Medicaid
.. GI Bills
.. student loans and grants for college
.. Consumer Product Safety Commission
.. requiring truth in advertising
.. Food safety
.. safety in drugs and cosmetics
.. requiring auto makers to recall and fix unsafe vehicles
.. clean water
.. clean air
.. free public education

There are so many more at his link.

Right on time

A guy went crazy and tried to attack the Discovery Channel or something. Today. And he had hostages. But they all got out and he didn’t. Dead, da-dead-dead. He was apparently a regular pest at Discovery – they even had some sort of retraining order against him. Like every breathing mammal, he had a website and there his manifesto was open to any (not many) who cared to read it. Of course it crashed under the load today. But not before this happened.

The liberals at Think Progress quickly proclaimed him a conservative, and the conservatives at Breitbart’s Big Hollywood quickly proclaimed him a liberal.

So things are exactly as they should be and we may all sleep soundly tonight.

There’s a fat lady out there singing for me

Not that it ever mattered, but I have always believed there would never ever ever be a time in my life when I would agree with anything uttered by Jonah Goldberg (editor of NRO, spawn of Lucienne Goldberg [LBJ’s Monica] and frequently and inelegantly referred to in the lefty blogshpere as the ‘doughy pantload’ – vulgar, I know, but . . . ), but omg, here I am doing  just that.

In a post on NRO’s blog The Corner, he gently, softly and affectionately takes to task his dear dear wonderful and usually so upright friend Andrew Breitbart (the author of yesterday’s “racist black lady!!!” kerfulle) on that subject. And in so doing, he adds:

“Meanwhile, as a matter of politics, I think this episode demonstrates that this White House is a much more tightly wound outfit than it lets on in public. The rapid-response firing suggests a level of fear over Glenn Beck and Fox that speaks volumes.”

I agree. Maybe not with the why, but with the inappropriate speed of the responses. The fat lady cometh.

Why I love Balloon Juice

Becasue John Cole can tell a story.

Open Thread

by John Cole

There is nothing quite like waking up and going to the bathroom and stepping, with your bare foot, with all your weight, into a pile of dog shit. The way it squishes between your toes and you start to slide on the tile as you react in horror in the dark, without any glasses on and wearing your pj’s, because even though you are blind and vulnerable and it is the middle of the night, you know exactly what has just happened.

That is all.

Oil and war and water

Just found a few new sites I like a lot, one of which (via GrumpyLion) provided this picture. He’s also got a link to a slide show at boston.com that will break your heart. If you can bear any  more heartbreak.

Hermit crabs dying on the sand

The other day Chris Matthews asked ‘how do you repay us for the loss of an ocean?’

I guess this is what we’re fighting to have more of – there needs to be a very important reason why we are still in Afghanistan on the 247th day of the ninth year of the War.

Dear Congress, look beyond the cash please

It seems that David Frum, former speechwriter and confidant of George W. Bush, set out last week to poll the Tea Party marchers protesting in D.C.  He found the usual bumper sticker philosophy and confirmed that they aret protesting very different same things. So he decided to look only at the attitudes about taxes.

Bruce Bartlett at Forbes (link below) and Steve Benen at The Washington Monthly wrote about it this morning:

“Bruce Bartlett reported today on the survey’s results, and found that for an anti-tax group, “they don’t know much about taxes.”

But that's not what Rush said!

“Indeed, it appears much of the Tea Party crowd is simply clueless about the issues they claim to care the most about, wildly exaggerating federal tax rates, how much a median family pays in taxes, and what’s changed since President Obama took office.”

No surprise really. They take their information from Rush, Beck and pols like Monica Bachman. And of course, they check the facts with that Most Trusted Name in News, CNN. (I can’t seem to embed this video, but Jon Stewart absolutely skewered CNN’s ‘journalism’ late last year in what I think is one of his most devastating media take downs of all time. It’s here.)

I think the Dems in Congress fail to understand how significant the talk radio audience is. And it’s not just that people listen to conservative celebrities (laughing all the way to the bank) who deliberately ill-inform them; it’s that they are becoming activist because of the lies they’ve been told.