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It’s my anniversary

Five years ago I retired, washed my hair a few times, even got around to – finally! – dusting all my books. Then I came here and, in complete ignorance, choose a blog name that is also the title of a Woody Allen movie – thereby condemning myself forevermore to also-ran status on the search engines.

But here, I found something wonderful. I foundĀ  a vibrant, interesting and often very funny community of people who care enough to speak up and to stand up for what they believe. I found men and women of all ages and backgrounds. I found you – and your blogs. And I followed you. I found bloggers producing literature, bloggers who could write for The New Yorker, bloggers who make me laugh, bloggers who taught me, bloggers who made me mad but from whom I learned to listen. Really listen.

Thank you.

Once before I noted my own anniversary and included the first post at Whatever Works. Here it is again:

first post