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And another. You’re on a roll ladies!

More from Little Green Footballs:


Was Obama born? Did Osama die?

That Obama birth certificate almost shut down the party – but thankfully here’s  a-just-in-time replacement.  Party on.

One in five American voters believe Osama bin Laden still alive

Now comes word from noted pollster John Zogby that while an overwhelming majority buys the administration’s account, a surprising almost one-in-five likely American voters believes the Al Qaeda founder is not dead at all, nor buried at sea, as Obama officials have stated.

Here we go again.

Top 20 Tea Party Reactions

This one has to be my favorite – first time I’ve seen anyone question whether Obama was actually even born. Of woman.

And the doc dying? Now that’s cooperation.

FROM Buzzfeed:

Those jobs are just rolling in

Maine and Arizona. Lovely states once known for scenery. Now known for governments that behave like kids protecting their special secret treehouse.

It’s getting embarrassing.

From Maine whose governor was last seen tearing down that mural in the Dept of Labor (the one celebrating the history of labor in Maine):

Just 100 days into Gov. Paul LePage’s Tea Party-fueled administration, his fellow Republicans are fighting back, defeating his push to bring back toxic baby bottles.

Baby bottles. Really.

On Monday, eight of 20 Republican state senators criticized the governor’s often bellicose behavior in an op-ed published by the state’s largest newspaper chain. The next day, LePage’s bisphenol-A  [those toxic baby bottles] initiative was rejected 35-0 in the state senate, after a 145-3 defeat in the House.

LePage returned fire, saying lawmakers “haven’t done a damn thing . . . I went on vacation last week [to Jamaica] because I had nothing to do,” he told an audience Thursday. “Because I’m waiting; I’m waiting for legislation.” His remarks provoked a rebuke from Republican House Speaker Robert Nutting, who told the Lewiston Sun Journal he was “sorry that the governor still doesn’t understand the legislative process and apparently nobody on his staff has explained it to him.”

And in Arizona (h/t Bill):

Part of the controversial Arizona birther bill passed on Wednesday makes a certificate of circumcision . . . . acceptable proof of American citizenship for presidential candidates. While candidates won’t be asked to “whip it out” in the State House, a documented circumcision will join a verified Christian baptism, postpartum hospital records and long-form birth certificates as proof that candidates are indeed Americans.

(They really just need reassurance that the candidate isn’t a Moosliiimmm!)

Upside for swooning neocons everywhere –  Bebe Netanyahu can be President.

Karl Rove forces my head above waves – briefly

Still laboring on my deadline work, but I coudlnt’ let this go by. 

Did he really say that?

Mr. Karl Rove, great American, has stepped forward to warn his party that the birther movement is going to hurt them. Okay. He’s a political strategist and he knows this stuff and he is right.
But look what he finishes with:

” . . .  Rove wants GOP presidential hopefuls to speak out. “If they’d step forward and say, ‘Look, we’ve got better things to talk about, than to fall into this trap that the White House has laid for us,’ this issue will start to go away.”

Excuse me???

Let me say this about that

Folding laundry, emptying the dishwasher and listening to the Sunday shows. First up for me –  new Majority Leader Eric Cantor on Meet the Press. Gregory has been trying to get him to say the birthers have an illegitimate issue. He won’t. He’s trying to get Cantor to dispute the birther script and agree that it’s just ‘crazy talk’. He won’t. But he has a good reason – Cantor says he ‘won’t be prodded into calling people names’.

How about specifics for cutting the budget? Everything is on the table David. Like what? See, David, we need to get back to fiscal responsibility. But Rep. Cantor, what would this Congress cut? We have a committee working on that.

How about repeal of Health Care? What will the Republicans to cover the Americans who have no health insurance now? Well first David, we have to keep our campaign promise and repeal this bad bill. Will you repeal all fo it or parts of it? Americans were clear. Elections have consequence.

Find an answer in there. I dare you.

(For some Sunday fun, go visit The Bobblespeak Translations, where the weekend jibber jabber is translated every week for the rest of us. Funny stuff.)

Bet he’s a bud of Boykins*

At least the Army is court martialing his ass. Jeez. There are always a few of these wandering around in the Military, but a Lietenant Colonel?

 * General William Boykin, Christian solider