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Bill Moyers talks to smart people

M y brother was here last week. We talked a lot about many things. He’s a fine conversationalist he is. And I’m not bad, so we had a good time. But he’s got an edge on me with the depth and breadth of his knowledge. And personal experience wtih much of which he speaks.

He’s a PhD in Philosophy, a former priest who studied texts in Latin and Hebrew. He’s a father and a grandfather. He’s a sailor and a superb do-it-yourselfer (a longtime fantasy of mine is to have him prisoner for a week in my house with his tools and no books. That would be sweet.)

He’s a lecturer, a college professor, a prolific author and travels extensively to meetings and workshops here and in Europe and in Africa. I’ve no idea how he has time to do any of these things. It’s annoying.

One of the things we talked about was labor and labor unions. I said I thought that the union model, as practiced today, has failed. It was the right model for a long time but is the wrong model for these times and needs to be reinvented.

He disagreed. But here’s some evidence that, for maybe the first time ever, because some very smart people are saying the same thing, I was right and he was wrong.

The relevant discussion is the first 20 minutes or so here from yesterday’s Bill Moyers’ show. It’s fascinating.

Somebody cover Bill Moyers’ eyes!

When Bill Moyers retired from PBS, that network looked around for ‘talent’ and settled on Newsweek editor Joh Meacham (or, as he’s often snarkily called in the blogsphere, Parson Meacham).  PBS saw wide eyes and a sober facial expression and detected gravitas. (Like all of us who are aging, PBS could use some glasses.) But what PBS missed is that Meacham is  a true villager –  proud of his place in the media firmament, certain he belongs there and admiring of his fellows who occupy that little land with him.

I just saw him on Morning Joe  playing the sidekick and chuckling at all the schoolboys antics of the regulars.  That’s some gravitas alright.