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Ben Nelson can scrub my bathtub

Or he can wash my windows. Or vacuum my car. Perhaps I could set him to cleaning out the refrigerator. Humble tasks all. Punishing tasks.

Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) annoyed every living liberal during the health care negotiations a few weeks back with his astonishing carve out allowing federal largess for Medicaid in Nebraska. Which he eventually abandoned in the face of the universal disgust.

Now he’s doing it again. This time, he backed off his support for the Financial Reform act and took it down in yesterday’s vote. He had been aboard right up until that morning. Seems Ben had a provision in the bill to exempt Nebraska companies – read Warren Buffet, a man I admire – from the new requirements for derivatives. Nelson managed to carve Warren right out of that pesky requirement in the bill as it existed before Monday. But in final committee negotiations, that exemption was removed. So Ben took his ball and went home.

Our Senate is full of grownups.

May I add that even given all that, he’s a  hell of a lot more charismatic than Harry Reid. It’s a marvel we get anything done.