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It soothes my soul

I’ve visited the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg (FL) three times – the last two just to stand in the same room as this, which nearly fills the space.


I hope the Italians are too worried about teh money to notice

Umm, we’re returning Michaelangelo’s David statue to Italy. Nice of them to loan it, but, well . . . (h/t friend Ed)

In South Carolina, you get arrested. On Wall Street, you get adulation.

Different strokes, different folks.

A woman in South Carolina was arrested for public obscenity for  having these on her car. It’s still in Court.

On Wall Street it’s different dontchaknow. Behold the industry icon, the brass balls that keep the world spinning and the testosterone flowing in lower Manhattan. This manifestation of the ‘Bull Market Deity’ lives and snorts outside the NY Stock Exchange, where he is also a popular tourist attraction. Whatever you do, do not tell the cops!

Her history in sand

Have you ever heard of a sand artist? Ever heard of the hit TV show  ‘Ukraine’s Got Talent’? This lovely young woman told the story of her country in the Second World war. And the audience wept openly.

She won.