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We did it! We got Al Quaeda’s #2! Yet again!

We are getting seriously good at this Number 2 stuff.

(That job is like being the Star Trek crew member wearing¬†the red shirt. Bang, bang, you’re dead.)

Well, a very very very good morning

Ah, that's a bit better now . . .

Medicine, it appears, works quite well. I am one, who, when sick, crawls outside and hides under a shrub to get better or die. But yesterday I observed that hiding under my shrub was not bringing any positive results.  In fact, the dreaded pink eye had invited itself into both eyes. So after two weeks of coughing till my insides hurt and sleeping in spurts of two or three hours max, I returned to the walk-in clinic. (These places have improved remarkably Рterrific place).

Turns out, as the 17-year old who claimed to be the “Doctor” said, I was ‘actually quite sick’. Well. That got my attention. I returned home an hour later, burdened with seven (SEVEN!!!) various prescriptions and miles of small type to read. I am now to follow a carefully scripted five-day regiment of magical potions.

About four o’clock yesterday I began the dosing as instructed. At 11pm, I became weary, went to bed and fell asleep. At 7am, I awoke refreshed. As I said medicines indeed work. Quite well. I think I shall allow them into my life in future on an as-needed basis. Learning new tricks and all.

So being unbloggy as I briefly noted a post ago or so, was much more than not being in the mood. Now it’s time to catch up, especially as our little adventure in Afghanistan is much in the news again, and our prom date from last year, Al Quaeda in Iraq, is back in let’s-party! mood.

My morning nap (doctor’s orders! doctor’s orders!) commences shortly, but first let’s be reminded that today is the 180th day of the ninth year of the War in Afghanistan.