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Wanna bet?


So here we are, in yet another Middle East war, this time to avert a “bloody rout of rebels by forces loyal to Col. Qaddafi.”

Al Jazeera call the rebels “pro-democracy” forces, and maybe they are…

And maybe this time the US is really going to war for humanitarian reasons…

And maybe we won’t be “forced” to commit ground troops…

Figure the odds.

In the middle of it all

via ReadWriteWeb:  Now, for [Al Jazeera]’s  coverage of the Egyptian uprising, it has released photographs via Flickr and video on a CC license.

Some remarkable stuff at the link. Like this of a TV camera and an injured but unbowed protester.

CNN can’t do this?

From Al Jazeera English, a clear explanation of what happened.  Simple explanations are apparently beyond the pay grade of our cable news channels.