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Hello? Anybody there?

It’s my own belief that Governor Goodhair’s campaign will self-immolate and it will happen sooner rather than later. Even if he holds on until a primary and, further, even if he manages to place, he’ll have to drop out before the primary season runs its course.

Here’s something for your entertainment. Don’t you think it deserve to be viewed far and wide? Yeah, me too.

If Texas stayed a Republic . . . ah well, we can dream.

Maybe if I just didn’t read the paper or maybe if Ed didn’t send me these links, I could spare myself the agony of the ugly. But he did and elvis help me I read it. So . . . let me share the joy.

Texas knows how to do things. How else to explain:

  • Their students rank 47th in the nation in literacy
  • Their students rank 49th in verbal SAT scores
  • And their students rank 46th in math scores
  • They have the highest birth rate in the country
  • They rank third in teen pregnancies and
  • They rank absolutely first in  repeat teen pregnancies.
  • They spend more federal money than any other state for abstinence programs. Because it’s really working for them.

At least they have Governor Good Hair.