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Jefferson Davis / Abe Lincoln: separated at birth?

UPDATE from the comments: theatre friend Bryan sez:

That’s been a long-standing theory in Kentucky history for a long time Maureen. Born less than 100 miles from each other, and about a year apart, several people believe the theory that Nancy Hanks had an affair with  Samuel Davis.

I noted on Sunday that here in Florida, Jefferson Davis’ birthday is a State holiday. Just now, I came across this photograph of the once-President of the Confederate States of America . . . doesn’t he kind of look like that other guy, what’s his name . . .?

Bumper sticker

(h/t Laurie)

UPDATE: Mac at Talk and Politics adds this quote from old Abe: “Republicans are for both the man and the dollar, but in case of conflict the man before the dollar”

(Try putting that in Mitch McConnell’s mouth today and see how it sounds.)