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ABC needs to git them one ‘a those dictionaries

Oxymoronic ABC headline:

Obama Hobnobs With Friends on Vineyard Family Vacation

  • OXFORD DICTIONARY: (hobnob) mix socially, especially with those of higher social status
  • DICTIONARY.COM: (hobnob) to spend time being friendly with someone who is important or famous


CNN bad, ABC good

Just saw the trailer for ABC new series “THe Whole Truth”. Female lead is not ‘tarted up’ – short hair, hardly any makeup. ABC good.

Other than Fareed Zacharia, I cannot think of a single thing CNN does that I’d call ‘good’. Just now, reporting on the C.R.E.W. investigation of Christine O’Donnell the Blitzer said (paraphrased): “The campaign says CREW is a left wing organization that only goes after conservatives. CREW denies that.”

That was it. It would take a few minutes on teh google or at CREW’s web site to see who in fact they’ve gone after over the years. I’ve no idea myself, but then I’m not CNN. They are supposed to find out and then tell me. CNN bad..

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Someone check her I.D.!

Oh that Washington ‘press corps’. They’ve got  their panties all in a knot again, because (gasp!) ABC has hired Chrsitianne Amanpour to host their Sunday new show, This Week. (Seems this hire is messing with their heads. It’s delicious.)

Tom Shales is the TV critic for The Washington Post and he let go with a breathless column on the horror. Amanpour, one of the pre-eminent global reporters of our age, is not – repeat NOT – one of ‘them’. She is NOT in thrall to the DC cocktail circuit,  the dinner parties or the gossip that eternally percolates among the villagers of their precious press corps. She is not a villager.

Good for ABC. Maybe they can begin the process of restoring credibility to the Sunday morning news shows.

Krugman adds: “Um, maybe the idea is to do a bit less “inside-the-Beltway palaver”? You know, we’ve got a global economic crisis, a budding confrontation with China, a major row with Israel; maybe someone who’s knowledgeable about the world rather than the DC party circuit might be just the right choice”

Bob Somerby has been the definitive voice condemning their insularity – and he’s done it since 1997.

Great news on the media front

Perhaps someone at ABC has decided to keep their Sunday show away from the entertainment division.  But whatever the reason, this is good news, so a gold star to ABC. (Now, if they could just ban Cokie Roberts from the network . . . )

ABC hires Amanpour for This Week

They say Jake Tapper continues till she comes aboard in August, which is great as Tapper has been doing an admirable job (well, I’ve been liking it and what else matters?)

Now, I wonder if that will make up for my probably insulting him when I incorrectly identified him as the founding editor of  The Note – instead of the gossip columnist Mark Helperin.

How do we get it to stop?

Someone should introduce ABC News to the concept of what’s  known as ‘counting’. And ‘reporting’ (the rest of the media might want to listen in.) ABC tells us congressional Democrats are ‘dropping like flies’. They are even ‘running for the hills’.

For the record, House members not seeking re-election? Republicans – 14; Democrats – 10.

Senate incumbents not seeking re-election? Republicans – 6; Democrats – 2.

What ABC and the rest of the herd are doing is what they always do; today’s news (Dorgan and Dodd) is the ONLY news. And in the course of informing the viewers/readers, cliches MUST be employed. A lot. And often.

UPDATE: It’s instructive that the ABC story came from The Note, the blog first written and edited by Jake Tapper, who set the tone. Jake Tapper can shine my shoes.

CORRECTION:  I blew it and Jake Tapper didn’t deserve it. He never was associated with The Note. He’s also a fine journalist. I meant to name the somewhat creepy Mark Helperin.