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And the Friday pressure piles up on Moe . . .

There’s something in the ether today that insists I post this. For the third time. But why not – it’s still absolutely true that Dion & The Belmonts pretty much did this stuff to perfection. (See Shep? I pay attention.)

Guess what last night was!! Friday night!

Friday! Friday! Friday!

This reminds me how many ’50’s pop hits came right out of The Grand Old Opry, something of which those of us in the elite enclaves of northern suburbs were blissfully unaware.

Fridays come mighty fast

Pure harmony seems to be enjoying a bit of a  revival. The artistry of  The Beach Boys and these guys – never gets old.

Friday Oldie

This is the real thing – an oldie hit from the days before I was myself an oldie.

Stop me before I volunteer again!!

I’m here. Honest. To prove it, here’s an oldie.


Yup. Friday.

From way, way, way back . . .


Friday night oldie

Driving this afternoon, I heard just a snippet of this from a nearby car . . .

Friday, Friday . . . so good to me . . .

Fridays no longer held special promise once I’d retired . . . until I began posting Friday Night Oldies (okay, they usually go up midday, but I do like the sound of ‘Friday Night’). After two years of these, I’ve had to dig pretty deep to find new songs; the greatest surprise has been how many I’ve forgotten. Perusing ‘Top 40’s’ lists by decade has been useful, but so many great ones never made it that far.

So the promise Friday now holds for me is the delight of finding that new Oldie. And this is what I found today:

Am I in the right place?

Been in my quiet place, trying to soothe my aching heart. How foolish it is of me, surrounded with a world full of wonders, to compulsively focus on the machinatios and utter nonsense of those we’ve elected to manage the affairs of a great nation. (Or is that a once-great nation?)  But I can’t help myself; it’s in the DNA. I think the last conversation I had with my 98-year old father was political. He, smartly, had observed that Obama was making a terrible mistake in letting the Congress take the lead. “They’ll disappoint him” said my old Dad. Smart man.

In my rush to hide from all the ugly, I failed to post a Friday oldie, and for that there is no excuse. This song was a Mills Brothers classic but it caught the attention of the new ‘teenage’ generation with this version by The Classics.