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“The Hysteria is Far From Over”: Maryland Teacher Writes Futuristic Novel About School Shooting . . School Board Sends Him For Evaluation While Police Raid His Home and Distribute His Picture

I feel so protected.


mclawpatrick-mclaw-investigation-book-coverThere is a bizarre case out of Maryland where school officials sent teacher and novelist Patrick McLaw, 23, to an emergency medical evaluation for publishing, under a pseudonym, a novel about a school shooting. That’s it. A language-arts eight grade teacher at Lane Middle School writes a book about a school shooting and he is put on leave by the Dorchester County Board of Education, investigated by the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office, and sent away for evaluation. “The Insurrectionist” happens to be set 900 years in the future but the board couldn’t just wait for the shooting to occur and had to act. What is striking is that all of these steps have been taken and McLaw has been effectively treated as a danger to children but no one has said a thing beyond the novel that is the basis for the actions. Was there something else that raise…

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Are there no safe places?

Summer in Florida and even the geckos want some of that A/C. This lad was perfectly happy on a cool wall – until the camera flashed – once (headed for cover) and then twice (nearly there!). He really didn’t have to  do that – it’s likely that his company would have been more pleasant than what I had to tolerate earlier today among members of my own species.


Friday? Aggghhhh . . . .

I do. All the time. It’s like a voice in my head.


Plus I yell at the TeeVee. I’ll bet you do too.


Elyse says do this, so do this. I did.

Pouring My Art Out

I want to break the all-time record for the most comments on a WordPress blog post.


Okay, some of you will see this as a shallow attempt on my part to bump up my stats.

And I’m not saying you are wrong.

But here’s the thing… oh, thing, I missed you, where have you been?

I have always said that I have the best commenters on WordPress. I have two posts that have over 1,000 comments on them… True, half of those are my return answers to comments, because I always answer my comments, but still… And I will even go so far as to admit that my comment sections… OUR comment sections… are sometimes the funniest part of my posts. Are you happy now?

But this all has me wondering what the record for number of comments on one post actually is. I want to see…

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Is the War on Christmas still on?’ve not been following FOX News’ annual tradition of pretending (ratings, people, ratings!) that in this – the world’s most Christian nation – Christmas and indeed Christianity itself are under attack by hordes of liberal invaders carrying their vicious “Happy Holidays” flag.

Uh-oh, not so fast Bill. There are still battles to be fought!

Anyone know how it’s going? I hear Generalissimo Bill O’Reilly (the very fellow who, when he launched the counterattack nine years ago to defend yours and my right to say the sacred words “Merry Christmas”, was hawking ‘Holiday Gifts’ at The Factor’s online store) is now declaring victory.

So a made-up War and a made-up Victory – gotta be some coin in that!

Made it


And now I shall stop with the self-obsessing.

It’s nap time.

Fridays come every week

Every. Single. One. Unlike our Congress, Friday moves through time quietly and reliably doing it’s job.

Guess who turns 87 years old today? (Egad.)



Move along, nothing to see here . . .

The new utterly stateless and massive corporations will soon have power over sovereign governments. And yet, Americans fear ‘gov’mint’ and the UN – the first one is ceding power and the second one isn’t even a player in this drama.


Friday night? Yup. Old? Yup.

He said that. Really [UPDATED**]

Paul Ryan is very concerned.

In a USA Today column, the Ayn Rand acolyte says that Obama is  “interested in tax reform for corporations, not for families or small business,” adding “the President claims his economic agenda is for the middle class, but it’s actually for the well-connected.”

He said that. Really.

I learned this from Dana Milbank who, in his column this morning, sees other Republicans picking up on that meme.

To further illustrate that they can say pretty much anything and be taken seriously, there’s this:

John Boehner, asked at a news conference this week about Obama’s series of speeches on the economy, replied: “If I had poll numbers as low as his, I’d probably be out doing the same thing if I were him.”

He said that. Really.

Milbank comes to the only possible conclusion:

Obama’s that rare socialist who is in bed with big business . . . Republicans haven’t decided whether Obama’s a socialist or a plutocrat, a tyrant or a weakling, arrogant or apologetic.

* I probably don’t have to add this, but it’s irresistible.  A year ago (and probably last week as well) Ryan accused Obama of supporting “a government-run economy” and of ‘denigrating people who are successful”. He charged the president with leading the nation toward a “cradle-to-grave, European style welfare state.”

He said that too. Really.

** UPDATE: My daily alert from The Patriot Post just popped into my mailbox and lookee here: Editor Mark Alexander isn’t aboard with Mr. Ryan. Alexander is offended by those economic policy speeches coming from one “Barack Hussein Obama”:

Obama has been regurgitating the same phony talking points since then, insisting the economy is improving but stirring the class-warfare pot claiming the middle class and poor are not keeping pace. Naturally, he suggests the solution is more taxes and government spending.

Hey, as it says above, whatever works.

“and merriness passed among the tourists”

China has opened what is now the largest building in the world. It’s called the “New Century Global Center” and it has a beach. Honest.

The Center is practically an enclosed city. From The Guardian:

[It’s] . . .  an entire seaside resort, along with a 14-screen Imax cinema, Olympic-sized ice rink, two five-star hotels and its own Mediterranean shopping village – all wrapped with a vast ribbon of offices. Sprawling for 1.7m square metres, it could fit 20 Sydney Opera Houses beneath its glass roof.

They’re billing it as a business center and resort destination where – well, let’s hear it from them: “where recreation has become the core value of modern business concepts and business will become a way of life.”

This is a video tour of the place (The headline comes from the English language voice-over script – so very Chinese, so very “all your data are belong to us”.)

Don’t bother watching it all – the tour starts at 6:44.

And the balance tips . . .

Frank Lautenberg just died. He was the oldest Senator, the last WWII vet still serving, and he was a Democrat.

lautenbergChris Christie gets to appoint the interim replacement. And of course, he’ll appoint a Republican. But it may not be a smooth transition (like we really need this?):

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) can appoint a replacement for Lautenberg,  meaning Senate Democrats lose a reliable vote as they take on tough issues like  immigration reform this summer.

However, there is some question over whether Christie’s appointment would  face a special election in November — as Democrats claim — or would serve out  the remainder of Lautenberg’s term. Democrats are expected to file a legal  challenge on this issue in New Jersey.

Since it increasingly seem likely that the planned debt ceiling confrontation may be a dud after all, here comes a whopper, just in time, to raise the political hackles.

Signals. Are. Crossing.

She adds:

All right, Paul Ryan. Enlighten me. How can you be a follower of both? I’m having genuine trouble figuring this out.

Thanks brat . . . wouldn’t we all like to hear an answer to this one . . .


“He must open his arms to protect all of God’s people and embrace with tender affection the whole of humanity, especially the poorest, the weakest, the least important, those whom Matthew lists in the final judgment on love:  the hungry, the thirsty, the stranger, the naked, the sick and those in prison.”  —  Pope Francis

“The mystic parasites who have, throughout the ages, reviled the traders and held them in contempt, while honoring the beggars and the looters, have known the secret motive of their sneers: a trader is the entity they dread–a man of justice.”  —  Ayn Rand

All right, Paul Ryan.  Enlighten me.  How can you be a follower of both?  I’m having genuine trouble figuring this out.

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Let us leap once again without looking: how something ordinary becomes a threat to the Republic, a threat I tell you!

Another crime perpetrated by schools!

Another crime at our schools!

Something old becomes new because a few days ago FOX & Friends found out about it, or  more accurately, found out about a little part of it, and that was all they needed to sputter into outrage, along with the entire right-wing noise machine – especially since the word Jesus was uttered without the genuflect.

We all know how this goes: it’s a tiresome formula – raise the noise level sufficiently to feed the audience and they’ll keep coming back.

Here’s the story from a column by Frank Cerabino at The Palm Beach Post (he’s a favorite read for me):

 An adjunct professor at FAU teaching an intercultural communications class was following a textbook exercise that called for students to write the word “Jesus” on a piece of paper and instructing them to step on the paper.

“Most will hesitate,” the handbook says. “Ask why they can’t step on the paper. Discuss the importance of symbols in culture.”

One student  objected to the voluntary classroom exercise, and made a complaint to the news media, saying his professor told him to “stomp on Jesus” and that he was suspended from class for his refusal to participate. . .

In fact, the student was suspended for threatening the Professor.

. . . [the instructor] was following an exercise written by a professor at a Catholic college in Wisconsin, an exercise that has been used for 10 years in colleges without incident . . . the exercise was designed to be an affirmation of faith and a recognition of the emotional power that disrespect of religion carries — a way for students to understand the strong reactions other cultures have to disrespect for their own religion.

Our 30% Governor said that “the professor’s lesson was offensive, and even intolerant, to Christians and those of all faiths who deserve to be respected as Americans entitled to religious freedom.”  Which was the very point of the classroom exercise. But no matter.

He even offered an apology to the student and called for an investigation.

Maybe before our indicted-for-Medicare-fraud-former-hospital-executvive governor cranks up the old investigation machine, he might look at saving the taxpayers a few bucks –  he could just read a full news account.  But that wouldn’t get him into the middle of the story.

Back at FOX Mike Huckabee came forth with my favorite comment: “People wonder what’s wrong with higher education, This is what’s wrong with higher education.” Right there is a good argument to stop the dangerous teaching of Engineering or the Classics. Of course had he paid more attention when he was pursing his own higher education, he might have been inspired to learn the whole story.

The efficieny of the market? Yeah, at selling, not servicing.

If you’ve had occasion to use a Federal government website to get information – personal or other – you know how good these sites are. They’re intuitive, have rational architecture and are easy for the user to navigate. No dead ends. They do, as did ‘Brownie’ in George W’s memorable words, a ‘great job’.

banging_head_on_the_wall_tAnd then there are the service corporations we all rely on – like Comcast. I’ve never had a pleasant experience with them online. Finding info is difficult because all the ‘buy more stuff from us’ gets in the way. Using their Search function leads to Google as often as it does to a relevant link on their own site. They clearly aren’t interested in servicing existing customers.

Oddly, they do a better job on the phone. I’ve mostly been able to get through to someone, usually the right person and they do try to help. But online they’re just awful.

Today I tried to sign on – something I’ve done dozens of times over the years – but my PIN was rejected. Doesn’t match their records they say. It’s nonsense, but that hardly matters since I can’t get in.

I clicked the ‘Help with Pin’ link – the message says they will email or send via the USPS (really!) within five business days. FIVE BUSINESS DAYS!

I’m speechless (not really). But  F-R-E-E-D-O-M.

What . . . is he asking us to thank him?


Friday night oldie

Harking back to the early days of Whatever Works, a reprise from 2010 and one of the best slow-dancers for the almost-pubescent set:

Another gun tragedy

John Hinderacker of the Powerline blog – once a big deal (quite undeserved) and now not so much – is out of ammunition and can’t go play today.

But I couldn’t shoot because, with the exception of 100 rounds of 22LR and the loaded 9 mm magazines that I keep at home for purposes of self-defense, I was out of ammo.

And the stores don’t have any more which we’ve been hearing about, for reasons we’ve also been hearing about. But here’s a new one, to me anyway:

How about the fact that government agencies are buying up billions of rounds? There have been lots of news reports and lots of rumors, but no clear explanation of why the federal government has invested so massively in ammunition–including the most popular civilian calibers–over the last year. One way or another, it seems that there is a story here. But for it to be pursued, we would need “reporters.” Remember them? Nah, that was a bygone era: you probably don’t.

Maybe he should talk to this guy whose articles:

. . . have appeared in National Review, The Weekly Standard, The American Enterprise, American Experiment Quarterly, and newspapers from Florida to California.

His name is John Hinderacker.


Women in high heels

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden are Super Heroes. How else explain walking a mile plus on the street in pretty high heels, with nary a wince.

I’d have chosen different footwear.

And so 2013 arrives. Right on time.

My very best wishes to all blogfriends for a peaceful and prosperous 2013.

An encore for New Year’s Eve

I found this last year and am thrilled to post it again. A haunting voice that becomes very determined – sort of an audio metaphor, mourning the tragedies behind us and promising to create a better future. Or try.

Happy New Year.


festivus-poleIt’s here at last.

MIT goes there. Special appearance by Noam Chomsky and some ‘Beaver’ dude

I think even Psy would approve.

So far the world doesn’t agree with me

But I say the President had a great debate. Great.

Candy Crowley set a new standard

The lady was thorough and professional. More of this please. 

Ice cream!

Last question – these have been terrific questions from the audience by the way

I think this has been a very successful use of the Town Hall format. It’s been lively, focused and dynamic. And every single question has been relevant. A lot of the credit goes to Crowley I think. She chose the questions and she chose well. Not a single frivolous question.

Romney screwed up his response to this last question by not answering, doing a ‘closing remarks’ thing. And it sounded just like the last time.

Obama is now starting to actually answer the question. He’s using the time the way he wants to as well, but he’s framing it well as an answer to the question.

Outsourcing. Governor?

China! Great question sez Mitt. Jobs go offshore ‘from time to time’. Some turn of phrase that, eh?

Entrepreneurs! Big Business! Small business! Jobs. China! Manipulating their currency! I’ll fix it. Ohhh, here comes an ‘on Day One’ moment -he’ll label China a currency manipulator. And that ought to do it.

He said regulations quadrupled under this president. What the hell is he talking about?

Also, taxes! And regulations! again. And, of course, Obama’s fault!


It’ll be interesting to see our friends on the right spin this. Obama is charged with having done nothing to get AK-47’s off the streets. So he’s spinning a bit because as we know he’s not so much as mentioned guns in four years.

But the Tea Party and the NRA and FOX say he’s the greatest enemy of the 2nd Amendment since before the remote control.

Play with that one Rush.

Romney: marriage! The American system! Fast and Furious! He just said we don’t know how it worked exactly, but Fast and Furious!

Wheee – Candy, you rock! Romney said he wouldn’t ban any guns and Candy mentioned he put an assault weapon ban in place in Massachusetts. She asked him why he changed his mind! She did! Really.

And here’s Benghazi

I think he’s handling this.  A sticky issue but his posture IS presidential and his tone is firm. Good. And he took my advice to respond as the President, not the candidate.

Mitt? Whatcha got to say here Mitt? Apology tour!!!

Barry: Blame Hillary? Nope. The buck stops here bub. Hey, he’s taking it to Romney. Getting mad. Wonderful!

Romney:  You lied.

(what’s the audience making noise about?)