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Tried to catch up on comments this morning but I didn’t get very far. I’ve also got half a dozen post drafts that just need some polishing but their call is weak.

So. Unbloggy. Back at’cha soon.

I’m going to my quiet place.

Light blogging

Between meetings at this very moment. Ahhh, the life of the retired . . .

I hate Daylight Savings Time

I have always hated Daylight Savings Time. I do now, and always will hate Daylight Savings Time.

The only thing the State of Arizona ever did right was say ‘no thanks’ to Daylight Savings.

My blog-self is playing hide-and-seek

Sigh . . .

Sometimes the brain breaks. It will not allow focus for longer than ten minutes; gets the dishes done but wreaks hell with reading and paperwork.

Such is the state at present of that gray blob in my cranium. I am in the unbloggiest place I’ve been since launching this place. I suspect Tucson and the resulting navel-gazing is implicated.

Lackluster – an old word I haven’t heard in a bit, but relevant to this endeavor at present. I’m around. I’ll be posting. I will not feel inspiration or urgency – until I do. Not too long probably. The beat does go on.

This is not an omen. This is not an omen.

2011 will be a good year. 2011 will be a good year. Really. It will.

Entire folders have disappeared from my hard drive. Documents, photos, writing . . . I’ve not fully digested this yet, but as the hours/days go by, the extent of the damage is looking more and more like a disaster. Two years of materials for a board I’m on is gone. Except for the photos, I or someone else probably has paper copies of most of it, so in spite of the scope that one isn’t as upsetting as some of the others for which there is no paper. My greatest fear is for the things I don’t yet know are missing.

And I may have deleted them myself. Picassa was involved. ‘Nuff said about that.

My to-do list for the past 90 days has included something that reads “set up online backup and do it NOW!”.  So ’nuff said about that too.

I’ve got an email out to my vacationing IT guru to see if he can possibly restore the files. Blogging has been light as I’m still busy slapping myself across the face.

40,000 in the new year

Attitude is everything

It appears that sometime in the next few days I will hit 40,000 views.

At present, I’ve only 143 to go. 

Happy New Year to me.

UPDATE: Two o’clock on Jan. 1 and 25 to go!

Clearing brain-fog and neglecting da’ blog

Tomorrow is a new year. I am not setting myself up for guilt with resolutions I’ll not keep; instead, today I am trying to clear out old business – unanswered letters, unpaid bills, the smaller unfinished things on the eternal to-do list. If I succeed, will it bode well for the New Year or will I just make a bigger to-do list? And does it matter?

A few things to be strive for (these are goals, not resolutions) in 2011:

  • Lose weight. (Natch. I’m a woman. That’s what we do.)
  • Be a better blogger – learn more about categories, tags and driving traffic.
  • Use my time more efficiently and to better effect and, as part of that, organize my reading (this is an old one)

A pretty thin list – no great expectations for Moe. Less disappointment that way.

I’ve been the most unbloggy ever these last weeks. That will change after this weekend.

Like a Tweet?

I have had a very bad day. In fact, I have had a very bad week. Sharing any of the humiliating details would speak ill of me, so I shall abstain. But I do feel better now.

Busy, not unbloggy

Blogging will continue to be light for a while. The convergence of too many things demanding my attention  has made life busier than I really like it to be. I’m always working on the project of simplifying the world around me and how I move in it. In fact, over the last few years I’ve done pretty well with that. I try to keep my outside volunteer work  simple too – doing only those things that I know I can handle with ease and not come to resent.

I look forward to getting things back to where I like them and I’m itching to get back to more reading, more watching and more posting. 

Just sayin’.

where oh where?

The snark. It is in hiding. It happens.

Slow blogging

Far too many meetings and other obligations today. Will resume, perhaps this evening.

Up and at ’em

Nope. Not right now. Lazy. And FLASH FORWARD at 8pm; gotta get psyched for it!


It happens. In any case, it’s time to catch up on my blogsphere reading instead of contemplating my own navel.

Great aunt I am

IMG_5795These guys are cute. There are many of them – seven I think. Here are a few – that’s Sean, Sydney and Tia. The first two are siblings and Tia on the right is their cousin. They’re visiting each other in California where Tia’s Dad is a big shot Navy Commander, and they’re having a very fine time.

Did I mention?

Liberal spoken here.

I am what I am

I’m Moe and god help meMoe I’m a political junkie. I’m a  news junkie.

Raised Irish Catholic in Connecticut, where those   identifiers were not beloved. Did not go to Woodstock. Lived in Greenwich Village’s SoHo before it was SoHo. Dated Richie Havens before he was Richie Havens. Lived on a sheep farm for two years in the 90’s and it was the best of times.

Been trolling far too long.  Acqaintances – some of whom are actually friends – are tired of my snarky emails. I get into fights on Facebook. So here I am. And that picture is ten years old.