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They’ll not forget this – ever

66809_550890131600928_1137009912_n529223_10152048905784936_716255025_n1Tonight, two of the grands – specifically these two very lucky six year olds – got to watch the Capitol Fireworks from the White House.

They’re ‘connected’ apparently.

Thanks to Fox News, Easter has survived to fight another day. Whew.

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail

Hoppin’ down the bunny trail

Hippity hoppity Easter’s on its way.

Bringing every girl and boy

Baskets full of Easter joy

Things to make your Easter bright and gay.

There’ll be jelly beans for Bobby. Colored eggs for sister Sue.

There’s an orchid for your Mommy, and an Easter basket too!

Uh-oh, they’re on the march . . .

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Photo: They are watching . . .

Of course

Not only did I miss this, but it’s apparently been an annual tradition just like the War on Christmas.

fox easter


I have a few things I like to bring out for an annual viewing too. Like this:

So, here it is the 8th Day of Christmas

My local retail establishments are setting up Valentine’s Day displays, and driving around I see many many Christmas trees at the curb for tomorrow’s recycle pick-up. (The artificial trees? I think they’re down already.)

So it’s up to we of the Secular persuasion to hold to the tradition. My tree – living (okay, recently murdered) and smelling sweet – will stand proud until at least the 12th day. And perhaps beyond depending on my mood.



Happy New Year from Moe

Damn but these things keep coming. Oh well. Here’s to ya’. Best wishes and all.

Here’s something lovely.

Happy New Year from Dubai

Tonight they went for the Guiness world record for largest fireworks display ever. No official word yet.

Merry Christmas

Thanks Arb, for this and for your perfect Christmas post, here.

Chistmas Eve as only Judy Garland can evoke it

I’ve posted this for a few years. With it I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

I think this is funny. I do. Really.

Of course he poops Peppermints!

So I peek out from my hiding place

and what do I see? Oh, the humanity . . .

xmas oh the humanity

Is this better?

Currently viral on Facebook – and wonderful. A capella at its best.

A way to go yet

IMG_1958But it’s a beginning. Have to be ready for the 14th, when Logan comes to help finish the decorations and make some cookies (a lame effort but always fun). He’s eight this year so has now done this with me for over half his life.


Calling Bill O’Reilly and all Christian warriors

Some damn organization calling itself the National Republican Congressional Committee has joined the vile War on Christmas. Suit up Patriots! Let’s get ’em.
Yep, this was inevitable. Also, it's not a video. Stop clicking it.

The oligarchy’s latest ‘War on the Family’’s something I could be thankful for: the  toxic new retail trend that has stores opening on Thanksgiving Day (some as early as 6am) to attract more shoppers turns out to be . . . a bust!

Wouldn’t it be swell?

The Thanksgiving classic

There are no others.

Hippity hoppity y’all


And so 2013 arrives. Right on time.

My very best wishes to all blogfriends for a peaceful and prosperous 2013.

An encore for New Year’s Eve

I found this last year and am thrilled to post it again. A haunting voice that becomes very determined – sort of an audio metaphor, mourning the tragedies behind us and promising to create a better future. Or try.

Happy New Year.

Christmas Eve and melancholy seem to fit together

Every year, I post this – everything about it touches me.

Two days late, but oddly necessary

An earlier post here made note of Festivus. Well, surprise – to a few readers that was a mystery. Festivus?? they asked.  This explains all. (h/t friend Ed for the video)

Even British sailors . . .

I like my tree a lot better this year

I was quite distressed last year over a tree that turned out to be the wrong size. I was so unhappy I accorded far too much importance to that. I’m now a bit embarrassed by my public angst.

But this year? A fine tree. Right size, right shape and so fresh that even a week after bringing it into the house there are no needles on the floor. Good, good and good.

Want to see it? No matter, you’re going to see it. History must be served. Here’s the tree buck nekkid and then almost fully dressed.



festivus-poleIt’s here at last.

Christmas lights gone wrong

An unfortunate outcome. Will the neighbors take him aside for a little talk?


Kick off: it finally begins (at least for those of us who wait a decent interval after Halloween to get all Christmas-ey)

An encore from last year (and h/t again to friend Jane) to kick things off with ‘teh cute’. Commence the festivities with a giggle and an ‘awwwww’.

Don’t know if I can do this . . .

. . . because Thanksgiving is already behind us, but there’s been a tradition around here of posting the Thanksgiving classic. And I forgot! Till now.

Now I hear the pagans want their solstice tree back

Dare ya’!

One by one our American Christmas traditions have been falling into place – and right on schedule. Last week, the White House tree was delivered, then cyber-Thanksgiving went off with its now world-famous vulgar celebration of mindless consumerism, and tonight is the lighting of the Rock Center Tree. One thing has been missing though – until now.  Fox News has finally launched its traditional War on the War on Christmas. Sleigh bells ring.

I love these guys.

Gobble, gobble y’all

This year I feel especially fortunate. More of my family is here in town – in fact, another brother and a nephew have become neighbors.  The young’un and his wife have been visiting since they were children to see grandparents So this has always been a part of ‘home’ to them.

I’m also grateful that both David Frum and David Brooks have begun using – and not in a nice way – the phrase ‘conservative-entertainment media complex’. 

(Pictured is one of the two pumpkin pies I made this morning. Came out pretty good I think; there’s an apple/cranberry yet to go.)

Happy T’day and please, please, stay away from Black Friday. I worry about injuries. 


Oh fer gawd’s sake . . .does Eric Cantor really think he can fly this one?

I’m a day late with this, but now that I’ve seen it, it must be shared! Here’s a Labor Day thought from a leading light in the Republican leadership of the Congress of the United States.

As for the little people – you know, the ones who did things like build the Hoover Dam and the Brooklyn Bridge and the ones who died fighting for the eight-hour day – those people? La.zy.