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Oldie! Oldie! It’s Friday

Later versions by others picked it up a bit but this was our slow dance version. Nat Cole did it shortly after The Lettermen and in the hands of a real artist, it’s haunting and tender in a way the group doesn’t manage. So here are both.

Yeah, it’s Saturday, but I’m still old and so is this.

The last Friday – of Fall. And a-one, and a-two, and a-three . . .

A post from a niece on Facebook yesterday reminded me of The Commitments and of Andrew Strong – the new, younger Joe Cocker (who should have recorded this!).

I iz old. And this iz old. But Friday is ageless.

And so is Richie – despite The Day the Music Died. Got your dancing shoes on?


Yeah, this is the right Oldie for this Friday

She really did have a great voice – a little bit country, a little bit crooner.

Friday night? Yup. Old? Yup.

Friday night oldie

Just try to keep your hips from swaying . . . go on, try. Hah!

1956. Yikes. Plus, Friday.

Friday Night Oldie

On Friday night! Until this point in his career, we called him “Little” Stevie Wonder. I’m not sure I remember why.

Friday Night Oldie

I keep trying to get back here and post and comment and engage but this week has been most annoying. I am overcommitted – friend Elaine tried to warn me a few years ago with a t-shirt that said: Stop me before I volunteer again!

Meanwhile, tap yer toes:

Friday night oldie

Heard the man himself perform this when I was in college. In person. In the same room. Honest.

Friday night oldie

Been swamped this week, had very little time to spend here. I don’t like that! Clearing up soon. But meanwhile, lest Ed get the vapors because I forgot again, here’s the oldie. (Sister Marion Joseph really didn’t like this one; she had to bustle about the dance floor insisting we ‘make room for  the Holy Ghost’.)

Whoops – Friday on Saturday

I think this is just the song for this week.

Friday Night Oldie

A few good tenors here . . .


June 14 may be Flag Day, but more significant here, it’s Friday!

Since I was at Krugman’s blog

Ahem, look what the Professor has introduced:


Friday? That’s what they tell me, but . . .

. . . I’d swear it’s been Thursday all day. Every erroneous second, so far. Even as I now ‘fess up to having it wrong,  it still feels like Thursday, a day that I have always thought of as ‘brown’ and I do not know why. Now you know. And here’s the oldie – Bristol is in Connecticut, so this was a local favorite.

Friday night oldie

A fine slow-dancer. The nuns hated this one . . .

Friday oldie

No video, but great audio. Plain and pure.

Friday night ya’know

In spite of being reminded by the ever-vigilant Ed, I failed to post an oldie last Friday. But today I am s-o-o-o-o on top of my game . . .

Is it Friday? Am I old? Okay then . . .

Ella Fitzgerald would be 95 today; that was some century she lived through . . .

What a time to be a singer –  with new musical genres born every decade. Here is a childhood favorite of mine (she’d probably been performing for 25 years at this point):

From the days of  Rat Pack ‘cool’ on the teevee variety shows:

Later on with the one and only Louis Armstrong:

Could anyone else do this?

Street corner harmony for Friday (UPDATE: on Thursday)

This is obviously a tribute group, but back when the real thing was happening in the early 50’s on city streets, nobody was recording it. I think one of the movies about Motown had some re-enactments that were terrific. I can’t find those on youtube.

These guys are a bit slicker and more rehearsed than the teens and young men in Philly and Baltimore who invented doo-wop while they were enjoying summer nights, but they get it mostly right. And sound wonderful.

Three years ago today

Friday Night Oldies first appeared here late in ’09, but it wasn’t till exactly three years ago today that they became a weekly event. And thus is my excuse to re-post a few all time favorites, only one of which qualifies as a real oldie, but it’s my place. So there.

Sted says it’s Friday

Was Johnny Cash ever that young?

Yup. Friday.

From way, way, way back . . .


An extra oldie for he-who-emerged from my own way back machine

 Did anyone else know that Shout goes back this far and was recorded by The Shangri-Las??? I certainly didn’t. (Shep is still in love with Mary Weiss from Queens it seems . . . )

Friday, Friday . . .

Because we always need a little Elvis and it’s been way too long

The only oldie for ‘Habemus Papam’ week, yes?