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It’s Florida. It’s Friday. It’s, well, it’s Friday.

It’s Friday. Snap yer fingers




And the Friday pressure piles up on Moe . . .

There’s something in the ether today that insists I post this. For the third time. But why not – it’s still absolutely true that Dion & The Belmonts pretty much did this stuff to perfection. (See Shep? I pay attention.)

Just go see it. Now.

Friday. Again?

Okay, far from a favorite. But the decade is right and I’m all out of brain for the day.

Could it be 55 years since ‘the music died’? Yes, it could.

In the Oldie comments, Jim Wheeler reminded me that Bobby Vee’s career was launched in February 1959 (The Day The Music Died) when he went on for Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper after their plane went down.

Then that reminded me of this – an astonishing and very entertaining lip-dub performed by the whole damn city of Grand Rapids. I think I posted it a few years ago, but it’s always worth another visit. Enjoy.

We time-travel on Fridays

I understand that yesterday was Friday

A lovely reprise performance in 1981 at their Central Park reunion concert:

(21 Million hits recorded at you tube. Wow.)

Beach season! And, it’s Friday


Friday? Aggghhhh . . . .

Fridays keep on comin’

Tis the season

Friday: and there is still much ‘old’ out there

Umm, just how gay is this?

Guess what last night was!! Friday night!

It’s Friday night allright

Friday! Friday! Friday!

This reminds me how many ’50’s pop hits came right out of The Grand Old Opry, something of which those of us in the elite enclaves of northern suburbs were blissfully unaware.

Fridays come mighty fast

Pure harmony seems to be enjoying a bit of a  revival. The artistry of  The Beach Boys and these guys – never gets old.

Friday Oldie

This is the real thing – an oldie hit from the days before I was myself an oldie.

Yup, Friday

50 Years ago they arrived in the U.S. to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show. Soon after, this album and these wonderful sounds filled my little New York apartment (on, ironically, Sullivan Street).

Friday night oldie

Added bonus: it’s on American Bandstand

Stop me before I volunteer again!!

I’m here. Honest. To prove it, here’s an oldie.


Friday night oldie

Here it is 2014 and I’m taking you back to 1958 – 56 years ago. Egad.

The real Friday Oldie

Christmas songs don’t count. And even though this may not quite qualify either (at least for my own generation), I’ve adored it for 40 years. So there! Plus, I think I owe it to you after Dennis Day.

This performance is from Live Aid in the 1980’s. (The song runs only the first 5:15 here.)



Too soon?

If it is, let this one be seen as a genuine historical artifact. (Has anyone living today even heard of Dennis Day?) Because I had Irish grandparents, Day was well known in my family. An Irish Tenor with a brogue claiming Christmas for the Irish? Those grandparents loved the damn thing. (Listen for the “Santy” instead of “Santa”. My father was the only person I ever heard say it that way; probably came from his own childhood.

I remember everything. Every piercing painful moment.

This should qualify as a perfect trifecta for Moe. It all comes together right here in a single number – an oldie, politics, and an anniversary. Plus Frank Sinatra. So why am I so sad?

Knock knock. Who’s there? Friday! That’s who!

From the depths of teh unbloggy, I have managed to push this to the surface for Friday and I’ve done it without a reminder from Ed, impressing even myself.

Ed tells me (yet again) that yesterday was Friday

So . . . these guys were having a ball just singing and ‘groovin’ (as it was known then). Just having a lot of fun. And so did we. (They’re all so tall! Is that odd?)

Oh it’s Friday alright, and still drowning with teh busy

Four years of Friday Night Oldies, and I missed this!

Friday already? Holy hollycrackers . . .

sueandmoeWhen I was 9 or 10, this song by Patience and Prudence was a big hit. My younger sister and I adopted it, learned every word, every note, every inflection, every breath, practicing until we had the harmonies perfected –  and then we sang it incessantly, something for which I suspect we’ve never been entirely forgiven.

It’s a preposterous song as were so many then, but it occupies a permanent slot in my childhood hit parade. The original version is here, but this is so much more fun  :

Fridays come every week

Every. Single. One. Unlike our Congress, Friday moves through time quietly and reliably doing it’s job.

Guess who turns 87 years old today? (Egad.)



As Ed loves to remind me . . . Friday!!

And if it were this day last year, today would be 10-11-12.

Surprisingly, this is from 1965 – after The Beatles arrived. Still, even while I was loving folk and early rock, this stuff got through – it continues to evoke that sentimental nostalgia thingee.